Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. So, as part of Furry Tails, I’ll be doing an ongoing feature on adoptable pets from local animal shelters once a week. If you have room in your heart and are looking to bring a lovable ball of fur into your home, maybe one of these guys is meant to be a part of your family!

Bell Bottom

Animal Friends

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Friends)

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Friends)

Shy little Bell Bottom is looking for a forever home with experienced pet owners. He had a tough start, but is now waiting for a loving family.

Animal Friends says:
This absolutely beautiful little boy is Bell Bottom. He came to us from a hoarding situation and as a result is very fearful and shy. He is currently living in a foster home so he can receive extra love and care.

Bell Bottom is slowly learning to trust people again…under the careful tutelage of the other dogs in his foster home! During his 6-week stay, he has progressed from hiding in his crate in the basement to integrating himself into the everyday goings-on at the home. His home base is the couch where he loves to relax and watch his foster family. He ventures out from that point to explore little by little. He has discovered that the kitchen is where the food is, and he likes food. He has also discovered that he has his very own bowl of food. He becomes very excited and bouncy when he sees his bowl coming!

Bell Bottom is comforted by the other three dogs that he is living with and is learning how to be a confident dog by watching them. He is becoming playful and less fearful.

Bell Bottom is looking for an experienced dog owner. He would definitely do much better with another friendly dog.

He is house trained and crate trained and a very lovable little lap dog once he learns to trust. He is showing great progress, as he has opened up to another person who was visiting the home. He has just started to play with toys and tussle with the other dogs. He may never be a social butterfly, but he will be a very good companion to a kind and patient owner!

Watch video of Bell Bottom here:

Bell Bottom has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you can help, come to Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15237 or call 412-847-7002. For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at Animal Friends, visit their website here!



Animal Rescue League

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Rescue League)

(Photo Courtesy: Animal Rescue League)

Are you searching for a running partner? Then, Cherie might be just the girl for you! Fun, sweet and full of energy, she’s waiting at the Animal Rescue League for a loving forever home.

The Animal Rescue League says:

“Our dear Cherie is a beautiful black and white pit mix who came to us as a stray. She is about a year old and weighs 52 pounds in a cute, compact little package. Cherie scored a “Goofball” on the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program, which means she has medium-energy, is people-oriented, and fun-loving!

She doesn’t really understand what people see in toys, but boy does she love running and playing with humans. Take Cherie out into the yard and see her run! She is good with kids and would absolutely love a canine companion, but no cats for this girl! The thrill of the chase is just too much.

Cherie does fine in a crate, and is quite interested in tasty treats, which should make housebreaking and obedience training a breeze. If you’d like a new pal who will go running in the park and then curl up on the couch with you, come meet Cherie at the ARL!”

Cherie is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations and microchipped.

Cherie’s adoption fee has been sponsored by Berger & Green!

For more information on Cherie and other adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and small animals, visit or call 412-661-6452 ext 215.

The Animal Rescue League is located at 6620 Hamilton Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA and is open daily.



Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

(Photo Courtesy: Western Pa. Humane Society)

(Photo Courtesy: Western Pa. Humane Society)

She’s full of fun, but also loves a good cuddle! Zoey has been waiting quite a while for a loving forever family at the Western Pa. Humane Society. Could that family be yours?

The Western Pa. Humane Society says:

“Meet Zoey! She’s been waiting so patiently but really wants a family of her very own. Zoey loves people and loves to get lots of snuggles and pets from the new people that she meets. Not only does she love people, but she loves to play!”

Watch video of Zoey here:

For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, visit their website here!


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