Pittsburgh will have a new mayor in January –

And it’s already clear he will be very different from the current one.

Bill Peduto has been thinking about the job for months –

At least since he won the Democratic primary.

The day after the general election – Peduto met with reporters –

To discuss timelines –

His plans to reorganize the mayor’s office –

And the hiring process for department directors and others.

The next day he met with reporters to release the names of his administrative staff.

There are more announcements to come.

It’s all a little dizzying – given how long the city has been functioning on autopilot.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl dropped out of sight for months.

He only recently resurfaced –

Appearing at a flurry of public events and tweeting up a storm( on Twitter).

During Ravenstahl’s  absence – Peduto was a steady and visible figure.

And if the first few days after the election are any indication –

We won’t have to keep asking, “Where’s the mayor?” come January sixth.

It’s way to soon to know whether Bill Peduto will turn out to be a good mayor –

But it’s obvious the guy wants the job and is willing to work at it –

And that’s a welcome change.

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