PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It seems like every week there is a new story about the Affordable Care Act, a new bill being proposed in Harrisburg, and the fight between UPMC and Highmark.

What are physicians hearing from their patients?

Dr. Kevin Wong, President of the Pa. Academy of Family Physicians, joined Larry Richert and John Shumway Thursday morning to talk about it.

When asked how confused his patients are right now, Dr. Wong replied, “It’s as bad as ever.”

But, the confusion is also being felt by the doctors.

“Physicians themselves have no idea what to expect. They are just inundated and it’s taking over the exam room time.”

He added that almost half of his time with a patient is discussing the current issues locally and nationally.

Dr. Wong says it’s frustrating because of the local issues with Highmark and UPMC and nationally with the rolling in of the Affordable Care Act. There are also privacy issues that are not being examined.

Dr. Wong says there are provisions in Medicare that paperwork done by doctors for equipment requests would have to go to the equipment company.

“It is an invasion of your privacy and everyone should be up in arms about it,” Wong said.

He said everyone is too worried about the financial issues that they don’t even know about your privacy issues.

Dr. Wong says that Congress doesn’t have to worry about any rules with privacy with Medicare because. “they’re not into Medicare.”

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