REDSTONE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Lafayette Memorial Park in Fayette County has literally thousands of bronze vases adorning the headstones. But that number drops each day as the vases disappear at the hands of thieves.

Redstone Township Vice Chairman Larry Williams has a few words to describe those stealing from the graves.

“Very low,” he says.

Over the past few months, dozens of the bronze memorial vases have been torn from the markers.

“Once every 10 days probably,” says Williams. “Someone from whether it be Ohio, a caretaker for the poor soul that was over here in Lafayette, would stop in and report a bronze vase missing.”

Taken from the dearly departed and destined to be scrapped and destroyed, often to pay for drugs.

“They’re doing it to get some money and for whatever purpose, I mean, there’s got to be a better way to make a couple bucks,” Williams said.

Costing about $250 each, the practice has been each time a vase was stolen, the person was to fill out a report, give it to cemetery management and insurance paid for the loss.

However, Williams now says, “They will no longer be doing that. It’s just tough luck.”

Lafayette Memorial Park declined any comment on the matter.

“Put some security cameras up, maybe it’ll stop that. It’s unfortunate in this day and age we have to do something like that, but it’s what it’s come to,” Williams adds. “This has to stop because this is a lot of disrespect for a lot a people.”

Redstone Township supervisors have asked Layette management to gate off the entrances to the cemetery. Will it stop all of the thieves, no, but it might stop some.

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