PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Allegheny County District Judge James A. Motznik is calling for an investigation into the recent shooting at Brashear High School.

Last year, Allegheny County District Judge Jim Motznik handled 15 to 20 disorderly conduct hearings from Brashear High School. This year, zero.

Judge Motznik claims that’s not coincidence.

“Incident reports have fell drastically,” said Judge Motznik.

The judge confirms numbers released by the state that show an 85 percent drop in criminal incident reports in the Pittsburgh Public Schools in the last five years.

A figure the judge believes is impossible to get to without changing reporting policy.

“By not writing citations and not charging those children, they are not doing anyone any favors,” said Judge Motznik. “Crimes are happening, those kids that are committing the crimes need to be charged, and then removed from that school.”

Judge Motznik looked at photographs of shooting suspect, A.J. Willet, flashing money days before he was robbed and assaulted at Brashear and a few weeks before he allegedly shot three other students.

The judge believes a lack of district enforcement fostered the crimes.

“The safety of the children is what’s important right now, and that’s my main concern,” said Judge Motznik. “That’s why I bring this forward and that’s why I ask District Attorney Zappala to get involved.”

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office released this statement: “The District Attorney’s Office assured the judge that our office will reach out and talk with individuals both in the school district and the school police department. To call our involvement an investigation at this time would be premature and inappropriate.”

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