By Andrew Fillipponi

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Steelers linebacker Larry Foote was the latest to react to the latest news about the Mike Tomlin controversy.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL made an announcement fining the Steelers Head Coach $100,000 for wandering onto the field during the Thanksgiving loss to the Ravens in Baltimore.

Foote says that Tomlin, “had a blunder, but he accepted responsibility” at a press conference Tuesday.

He thinks Tomlin was eager to move on and was fired up’ today as the game plan against the Dolphins comes together.

Foote jokingly blames the “get-back” coach Garrett Giemont for Tomlin’s mistake, since most of the Steelers strength and conditioning coach’s focus is on keeping the players off the field while the ball is live when the coaches are bigger offenders.

Taking away a draft pick in further punishment is not the answer, according to Foote.

Foote maintains that Ravens returner Jacoby Jones would have been tackled regardless of where Tomlin was.

We will never know a lot of things about this situation but since the Ravens ended up winning, Foote says that everything should be “swept under the run.”

Tomlin will surely change his routine and where he stands during games as a result of this experience.

Listen to more of Foote’s thoughts on Mike Wallace and the Dolphins, as well as the college football landscape:

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