PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A new drug has several different street names. It’s a drug that is highly concentrated, extracting and dramatically increasing the component that delivers the high.

Furthermore, it’s becoming increasingly more popular in our area.

Online videos even show how to make the drug – butane honey oil.

A year ago the drug was almost unheard of.

“I would say in the last three months, I’ve been hearing two or three cases a week,” Gateway Rehabilitation Center Dr. Neil Capretto said.

Capretto said butane is used to extract THC in marijuana. When boiled down to a wax or honey-like substance, it becomes extremely potent.

“It can have THC concentrations that are 70 to 90 percent,” Dr. Neil Capretto said.

Normal THC levels average around nine percent.

Because of that, Dr. Capretto said some experience psychotic episodes or psychiatric problems that can last for weeks.

While it’s dangerous to use, it’s also dangerous to make. There have been reports of houses blowing up and people being injured from it.

A patient at Gateway, whose identity is not being revealed, actually went to rehab after using butane honey oil, also known as BHO, wax, dab or honey.

“I could see it being dangerous, definitely,” they said. “It scared me and I’m 27-years-old. So, for a teenager using it, that would be something I would advise them not to do.”

Especially with adolescents or young adults, Dr. Capretto suggests that if you see any changes or new patterns that you have that person evaluated by a trained professional.


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