PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A feeling of joy quickly gave way to despair as a couple’s first baby came down with a life-threatening issue.

He was rushed to Children’s Hospital, where a six-hour surgery saved his life.

Oliver is Ashley and Trevor Halligan’s first baby.

Shortly after his birth at Sewickley Hospital, the prognosis was not good.

“His oxygen levels were down. His lips were turning blue and his glucose levels were down. So, his blood sugar was low,” Ashley Halligan said.

They decided to transport him to Children’s Hospital.

“I found out that he would need open heart surgery,” Trevor said.

“I thought for a while I was going to lose my baby,” Ashley said.

Children’s Hospital heart surgeon Victor Morell said blood that was going to the lungs was not returning to his heart, as it should.

“Was very important that it was found early and taken care of in a timely fashion because it could have been a sad story,” Morell said.

The surgery took more than six hours, but it was successful.

Oliver was born on Nov. 11 at 11:11 a.m. He weighed in at seven pounds, 11 ounces. The number eleven has special significance to Trevor.

“My dad died on 9/11. He was in World Trade Two, the 99th floor,” Trevor said.

“We feel that he’s been watching over Oliver and taking good care of him,” Trevor said. “He’s definitely Oliver’s guardian angel.”

A guardian angel with a lot of help from Children’s Hospital.

You can help Oliver and other children like him by donating to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund during the 60th Annual Free Care Friends Telethon this Thursday, Dec. 19 live on KDKA-TV.


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