PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel recently helped collect donations for the Salvation Army in downtown Pittsburgh.

But he had to cover up his beard, with Santa’s.

Keisel dressed up as Santa Claus and stood on the corner soliciting donations during the lunch hour.

Most Pittsburghers didn’t even recognize “the beard.”

You can WATCH their reaction here.

You’d never know it from the way the Keisel handled this special assignment, suiting up and driving to Downtown Pittsburgh for bell-ringing duties under the clock outside of Macy’s.

Some fans saw right through “the beard’s” beard.

Keisel: “Did you guys know it was me?”

Steelers Fan: “Yeah, it’s Brett Keisel.”

But others took a little while longer to catch on.

Keisel: “What do you think about Keisel?”

Fan: “He’s a good, solid player for all these years.”

Fan: “I like him. I hope he stays.”

Keisel: “Yeah, I hope so, too.”

Fan: “You’re a pretty big Santa Claus.”

Keisel: “I know. They made me put this under this beard.”

This Christmastime charade could not last forever.

Eventually, Keisel revealed himself to all, and took pictures with fans while dressed as the jolly old elf himself!

“Come get your picture with Santa!” Keisel told fans.

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