By Jon Delano

ROBINSON (KDKA) — One Santa has been posing for pictures with children at the Mall at Robinson for 13 years — and most kids can’t wait to see Santa.

“Hello, Landon,” Santa says to one. “Good to see you. My gosh, look at the size of you guys. How did you get so big all of a sudden?”

Families line up to meet a Santa who actually engages with children.

“Did you draw that?” Santa says to one little boy. “That is excellent. That is very good. As you know, all of my artwork goes up on the refrigerator at the North Pole. The elves love it.”

This Santa at the Mall at Robinson is reportedly the most popular Santa in all of Pittsburgh.

In fact, if stood in the long line Monday, it would take you three hours to finally see him.

Parents say it’s worth it.

“Absolutely, every minute of it, because he’s Santa Claus,” says Tammy Foley of Green Tree.

“He takes a lot of time with the kids. He makes sure he spends time with Addison and finds out what she wants and asks about her year. It’s been a good experience for the last six years, so we’re coming back again,” notes Scott Hazuda of Ingram.

Joy Mulholland loves doing photography for Santa but adds, “This is a visit for Santa, not just about pictures.”

And the long wait may be alleviated next year with pagers, says Darien Buxton who manages the site for World Wide Photography.

“You can come, pick up a pager, go get dinner, enjoy yourself, do some shopping, and then we’ll page you when it’s your turn,” Buxton said.

Santa made KDKA money editor Jon Delano sit on his right knee for an interview and when asked about the long lines to see him, Santa noted, “I’m honored because I talk to the kids. Every child that comes up has a chance to talk with Santa.”

Santa will be at the Mall at Robinson on Tuesday until 5 p.m., and then he’s off to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

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