WHITAKER (KDKA) — A local mom didn’t know what she was going to do.

A last-minute expense meant she couldn’t get the toys she had on layaway for her kids.

But then on Christmas Eve, something wonderful happened. A “layaway angel” stepped in, and now she wants to thank whoever that person is.

Christina Stuart of Whitaker had a plan. She put toys on layaway at the Kmart in Pleasant Hills back in October.

But then, five days before Christmas, “I lost my back shock on my car. It completely fell off the car!” said Stuart. “I had to call in and get it towed.”

She also had to pay $300, the amount she needed for layaway.

Stuart looked at her two kids, 4-year-old Domenic and 3-year-old Diamond, and didn’t know what she was going to do.

“I didn’t know how they were going to have Christmas,” she said.

She searched for loans, and eventually got one, but the money wouldn’t come in time.

So she borrowed a little money from her dad and went to the Kmart layaway counter to see what she could pay for.

“She goes, ‘Oh my God! You realize what just happened?” said Stuart.

She says the clerk told her that the man who was just standing there paid off her layaway bill. She burst into tears.

Kweilin Waite works at the layaway counter: “These days, we all have financial woes and just the simple kindness of a stranger is an amazing thought.”

Stuart wishes she had a chance to thank her layaway angel.

“I just want to say God bless you. Thank you!” Stuart says.

She believes the man must have heard her on the phone talking about her predicament.

But the Kmart in Pleasant Hills says they’ve had about 20 “layaway angels” this year. People who go to the counter and ask if they can pay off someone’s bill who’s having trouble.

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