WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – Herminie in Westmoreland County isn’t the biggest place in the world — yet over the last couple of weeks, it’s seen several burgleries stealing everything from coins to copper.

At his request, we didn’t identify one man who’s been victim to these thefts. But for him, it’s been like a bad holiday dream over and over and over.

He says his house has been broken into three times since Thanksgiving.

The home on Clay Pike has been vacant since a truck slammed into it in June. The man had to move out due to the structural damage. Now, thieves have moved in.

“They broke in, they stole coin collections,” he said. “Paint ball guns, video games.”

They also stole the home’s copper – approximated at $5,000.

About a quarter-mile away, it’s a similar story.

“We think it was Christmas Eve,” said burglary victim Bob Miller. “The first time they came, they took all the copper out of the house, assorted tools, drills.”

Thousands of dollars in damage and loss. Miller is in the process of renovating his dad’s former home. Bob Miller is angry and also hurt.

“The thing is, they broke in and stole this stuff from my dad’s house on Christmas Day,” he said. “I know it means nothing to them, but it means something to me.”

Miller says he won’t be a victim again.

“It’s not going to happen again,” he said.

Despite what’s happened, Mr. Miller says he’s not going to be stopped from moving into his house and giving his family a home. Meanwhile, if you know anything about these burglaries, State Police would like you to give them a call.

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