GIBSONIA (KDKA) — On the coldest night of the year, a Good Samaritan from Wexford couldn’t believe what she saw, right in front of her eyes, someone decided to abandon six animals.

It was along Brant School Road on Monday night that the Good Samaritan saw someone toss the animals out on the side of the road, leaving them in sub-zero temperatures.

The Good Samaritan immediately got out of her car and tried to rescue the wide variety of helpless little lives.

“Woman was pretty on the frantic side, said… somebody in front of them, with a blocked-off license plate, dropped at least one parakeet, four dogs and a pig off on the side of the road,” said Tom Mischen, who took in the abandoned pig.

Mischen, of Mish Farms Meat Market in Gibsonia, says his family got the call Tuesday morning for help.

The dogs quickly ran off and couldn’t be found. The parakeet likely perished due to the freezing conditions, but one little pig survived.

Lily is a 30-pound 3- to 4-month-old farm pig who despite being left for dead stood by the side of the road waiting to be rescued.

“It’s real cruel,” said Mischen. “I don’t understand how anybody… especially that was the coldest day we’ve had in decades. I mean, call an animal shelter, call a farm, call anybody. They’ll gladly take the animal off your hands.”

And that is exactly what the Mishen family’s done.

“She’s extremely sweet. She loves children,” said Allie Mischen.

Why Lily and the rest of the animals were tossed aside is anyone’s guess, but the Mishen family is happy that they were able to save at least one.

“Me and my sister grew up on the farm so we obviously love animals,” said Allie. “We know how to take care of them, so she’s a great asset to our farm here.”

UPDATE: January 9, 2014 @ 7:30 p.m.:
The Good Samaritan told KDKA she was able to rescue the four dogs and they’re now living in Ohio.

The Good Samaritan also says the person who dumped the animals was driving a Toyota Tundra. He’s described as an average-sized man with a beard.

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