PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A little boy’s dying wish has now come true.

Eddie Buggs died of cancer just days after Christmas.

The 13-year-old was living in Florida, but was originally from Crafton.

He grew up playing sports, and was known as “Lightning Buggs” for his speed on the football field.

Eddie’s lifelong wish was to be on ESPN.

And on Tuesday, he was.

Watch Eddie’s football highlights on ESPN here:

Following Eddie’s death, family and friends started a Facebook and Twitter campaign to get him on ESPN.

Eddie’s former coach said, “Oh I loved it! #1 clip – #1 clip! he deserved it. He earned it! It was a helluva interception!”

As they prepared for his funeral last week – Eddie’s family and friends launched a campaign on facebook and twitter “Get Eddie On ESPN.”

“It surprised me – it took this long for him to get on to be honest with you.”

KDKA-TV News received an e-mail from Wade Beckett of “Sports Nation” it says “Thanks for sharing Eddie Buggs story with the world. We agree, we think he deserves the #1 spot on our Must See Countdown.”

And the legend of Eddie Buggs was born.

“That was his dream to be on ESPN, says Jay Balsamo, “I’m glad he got it! he deserved it!”

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