PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local man and woman are dead after police say he slashed the woman’s throat and was then killed by a state trooper.

It happened at the Hempfield Towers Sunday afternoon.

Police say a 41-year-old Rodney Golden of Greensburg slashed 56-year-old Anita Sabol’s throat just before noon at the apartment complex.

Officials say a neighbor called 911 after hearing a domestic dispute going on next door. The neighbor told police he went out into the hallway, saw Sabol in distress and then Golden come out of the apartment with a knife and slit her throat.

Sabol was taken to the hospital. However, officials said that she had died Sunday evening.

Police say Golden tried to run away, but was stopped by officers. They say he wasn’t compliant, couldn’t be subdued with Tasers and eventually lunged at an officer, which is when a state trooper shot and killed him.

Darlene Kemerer, a Hempfield Towers Resident who witnessed the violence, describes what she saw and heard when police responded, saying, “As soon as they all got back there is heard a very small caliber, like maybe a .22 pistol. Right after that is heard another pistol, like a little bigger and after that there was three quick assault shots really loud.”

Those who knew Anita Sabol like John Smartnick can’t believe she’s gone.

“Anita,” Smartnick said, ” … just talked to her this morning. I think this guy deserved to get what he got from the state police.”

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