PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With temperatures dipping into single digits most people stay indoors, but Mike Sallows is not most people.

The Pittsburgh native found Operation Safety Net in 1991 and every winter Sallows and volunteers with medical backgrounds bundle up and walk the city’s streets to find those who live on them.

Sallows said, “They’re choosing to stay outside in this because not everyone comes into the shelter for various reasons but our job is to make sure that people don’t freeze out here.”

It’s an incredibly selfless mission distributing military grade sleeping bags and providing transportation for those who want to go to warming shelters.

Sallows will be out all night searching for the homeless, bearing the elements to help those who can’t help themselves.

Another person who’s helping those outside is Kathy Hecker. She’s the Chief Humane Officer for Animal Friends.

Hecker says already Tuesday, a caged cat left outside came into the center.

Hecker says, “If we find animals outside we will order the owner to take them in and we’ll keep knocking until they answer. It’s very dangerous, people should realize their animals have their limits too.”

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