PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A 64-year-old grandmother was arrested Monday for allegedly trafficking marijuana from her Sarver home.

Police say Candice Kelly sold as much as 100 pounds of the drug per year from California, for at least five years.

“Legalize it man,” Kelly said while exiting the police station Tuesday. “If I can make that kind of money, why can’t the rest of Pennsylvania wise up? I never got on Welfare, I never drew anything from the system, I raised all my kids on my own. That’s my only crime.”

They say Kelly would receive shipment of around 30 or 40 pounds of marijuana, then would sell it for $3,400 per pound.

At Kelly’s house in October, police say they found nearly $400,000 and 64 pounds of marijuana, in addition unknown amounts of hashish and Psilocybin mushrooms.

At the time, Kelly’s husband says the search didn’t go down that way.

“It’s a bunch of BS the way they went around it,” Roger Kelly said. “I mean, if they thought she was doing anything wrong, they should have got a warrant to come here.”

However, outside of the courthouse, Kelly’s daughter argued that police should leave her alone and arrest other criminals.

“We have our jails that are so full of violent criminals that are going free, like rapists and pedophiles,” Jessica Kelly said. “While, you know, these non-violent criminals who have some pot, maybe are selling it, are going to be put in there. Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Kelly was released after making her $100,000 bail. She is charged on multiple drug counts, including possession with intent to deliver marijuana and criminal conspiracy.

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