PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – An Ellwood City high school student is in custody after allegedly making a threatening comment on Facebook.

Students at the school say they’re not surprised because of the student’s troubled past.

Now he could be in even more trouble, after allegedly threatening to bring a gun to school.

Students say they feel safer knowing he is in custody.

“You never known these days,” said one student.

“We’re all safe, so we’re good,” said another student.

The student accused of the threatening Facebook post shared a photo of himself holding a gun and a sword, with the caption, “Tell me I won’t go into the school and kill as many people as possible.”

“Today, with what we have going on across the country with schools and such, we have to take all these threats seriously,” said Ellwood City Police Lt. David Kingston.

Police say his mother called complaining he was drinking, using drugs and was in violation of juvenile probation.

Police found out about the threats after looking for the student at a local McDonalds.

“We ran into several students from Lincoln High School and they brought to our attention that he’d been making some Facebook postings in reference to shooting up the school,” Kingston said.

Police caught up with the student a little while later, arrested him and too him to a juvenile facility.

The Ellwood City School District is aware of the threats and parents say they’re glad the student’s in custody.

The student is being held at a juvenile facility for allegedly trying to remove his ankle bracelet – however he could face more charges after the district attorney investigates the matter.

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