ARMSTRONG COUNTY (KDKA) — Business owners in Gilpin and Bethel townships in Armstrong County are frustrated over vandals apparently armed with BB guns who are shooting out windows.

At Myrt’s Café, they now board up all their windows before they close at night, to avoid getting anymore shot.

Owner MiMi Morini says the glass in their front door was shattered by a BB and then a few days later, their front window was hit.

“Our fear is that they’re going to get tired of the BB guns and move on to something else,” said Morini. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt here.”

She says it’s also a burden on a small business owner to have pay for the glass to be replaced.

Purple’s Saloon was also hit, as was an antique shop named Cappy’s Corner, Dan’s BBQ and The Tire Connection in Gilpin Township.

Police tell one business owner there may be as many as 12 targets, including 10 businesses and two vehicles.

“A lot of damage that these individuals are doing,” said Neill Andritz, the owner of River’s Edge Canoe and Kayak in Gilpin, which was also hit by the vandals.

“We’ve been hit four times since the end of October, though the past week,” said Andritz.

His business’ front window bears the marks of the BB’s. The glass in his van’s back window is also shattered.

“Very frustrated with certain individuals who you know are not part of the community,” said Andritz. “They’re just out for destruction.”

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