PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Emergency responders were on the scene of a raging fire in Westmoreland County.

It started around 7 a.m. at a commercial building on Route 66 in Washington Township.

The fire started at CCF Industries, a woodworking business. Unfortunately, it provided the perfect fuel for the burning inferno. It didn’t take long for flames to consume the building.

CCF Industries is also located near the Kiski-Area East Primary School, which was closed Friday due to the neighboring fire.

“We just heard the siren go off, heard a loud pop in the back,” said employee Josh Tucci, “that was about it. We just all left.”

About 30 workers had to rush out of the building when the fire started.

“There were a few propane tanks and everything like that inside, they probably exploded on contact,” Tucci said. “There was also a truck inside the garage.”

The fire is believed to be accidental.

“There was a guy spraying some type of product in there when they went to fire up the blowers for the fume exhaustion … apparently there was some type of static electricity went through and ignited,” said Washington Township Fire Chief Bob Baustent.


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