Sometimes the “what” is more important than the “why.”

Around the country – there’s growing pressure to legalize marijuana –

And even greater pressure to legalize medical marijuana.

Some Pennsylvania lawmakers have tried without success.

Bills died in the legislature.

Even if they hadn’t –

They faced a gubernatorial veto.

Governor Tom Corbett long said he opposed legalizing medical marijuana.

Even when parents –

Whose children need a marijuana extract to treat severe seizures –

Pleaded with him –

Corbett said there needed to be more federal research.

And then – on Thursday – he changed his mind.

The governor now backs legalizing a marijuana extract –

That can help these children.

He’s proposing a research-based pilot program –

That would provide the treatment through children’s hospitals in the state.

Bottom line –

It doesn’t matter why Tom Corbett made the decision now –

Whether it was politics or principle.

It’s a good decision that can help children who are seriously ill –

And in this case –

The “what” is definitely more important than the “why.”


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