WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – A woman found a cat stuck in a trap, so desperate to get out, it broke its teeth biting at the metal.

As a result of its injuries, the cat lost a leg.

And a local veterinarian thinks someone might be trying to harm these animals on purpose.

The cat is named Honey. It’s missing its one front leg now.

“It was horrible, absolutely horrible,” said Angela Pompa who found the cat. “It was obviously in a lot of pain. It was unbelievable.”

Pompa discovered the animal still in the jaws of the small game trap, dragging it across a neighbor’s yard.

“She was terrified,” Pompa said, “absolutely terrified.”

Veterinarian Dr. John O’Laughlin with Grace Veterinary Clinic treated the cat. The leg was crushed and infected.

“The animal was emaciated,” he said, “in shock and still in pain.”

The leg had to be lost to save the cat. But this wasn’t her only injury from the experience.

“This cat, in an act of self-preservation, tried to chew off the steel trap,” O’Laughlin said. “Broke off all its teeth.”

The cat will likely survive, but the question now is who would set a trap like this in a residential neighborhood? The doctor thinks it wasn’t an accident.

“This trap was set in the wrong area,” said O’Laughlin. “You’re out of season. You didn’t have your table on it and it wasn’t tagged down.”

“It’s not the trap,” he added. “It’s the guy behind the trap. We’ve improved. We have box traps. You could have used a box trap.”

And animals aren’t the only ones threatened by this.

“My god, just think if this was your child,” O’Laughlin said.

For now, Honey is resting up. Her future home is still undetermined.

“We’re hoping to find her a good home,” Pompa said. “It would have to be a real good home and a real responsible one. But if we can’t, she’s gonna stay with us.”

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