HAZELWOOD (KDKA) — The new owners of an abandoned recycling plant say they have a plan to clean up the mess.

A representative of a Pittsburgh holding company now in charge of clean-up at the bankrupt Pittsburgh Recycling Services Co. in Hazelwood told a group of residents Tuesday night that efforts to haul away the tons of trash and waste now piled up at the site are on the fast track.

A bankruptcy Judge approved the sale of the defunct company’s equipment and other assets last week.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor said that’s he’s optimistic about the new holding firm, and it’s plan of action.

“We’re optimistic,” he said. “They have four people on site, and I think they’ve already started the process of getting the side up to code, and up to standard.”

He said they already have four people on-site, and are in the preliminary stages of getting the site up to code and standards.

You recall, protestors carrying signs, and an inflatable rat picketed the site a couple of weeks ago, saying that the eyesore was becoming a serious health threat because of a rodent infestation issue which was bound to get worse due to the warm weather.

“You know how they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” said Hazel Blackman. “Not being done fast enough.”

And many people were worried about the rat poisoning problem becoming a serious threat for the bald eagles nesting nearby in Hayes.

O’Connor said that the new company doing the clean-up will send somebody to the site each night to check and remove any dead rodents before the eagles or any other animals have a chance to get them.

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