PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With gas prices creeping toward $4 a gallon, the interest in electric cars is rising as well.

However, a lack of places to recharge them has been a drawback, until now.

“I love the car, love the engineering and I wanted to make a statement about alternative energy,” Scott Anderson said.

There are only 43 of the California-based Tesla model cars in Pittsburgh. Today, Tesla added a free charging station in Cranberry Township that could change your driving habits.

“You pull in. you plug in and it’s going to put half a charge. So, approximately 150 miles on a Model S in just 20 minutes. Extremely fast. It’s the world’s fastest charging technology,” Alexis Georgeson of Tesla said.

You don’t have to go to a supercharger to drive the supercharged electric car. Owners can do it at home through a standard 240-volt line.

These charging stations allow owners to hit the road and eliminate the worry about where they will re-charge.

“It’s all about the future — not so much for me — but for my kids and grandkids. I want them to experience it and know it,” Dave Sykes, a Tesla owner, said.

One of the first things KDKA-TV’s Rick Dayton noticed is the amount of  room inside. However, there is no fuel gauge.

However, it does tell you how many miles until you have to recharge your Tesla.

While it is electric, it doesn’t mean you are just puttering around town.

These high-end, high-powered performance machines range between $70,000-$130,000.


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