PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It could be called the case of a smack talker and the man who smacked back.

His name is Justin Castilyn, the operator of a hate-filled website called “Butler Trash,” which allows anonymous users to post lewd pictures and scurrilous accusations, calling their victims drug and sex addicts and worse.

“That I do drugs and other things and it couldn’t be further from the truth,” said one victim.

You might imagine Castilyn has made quite a few enemies in Butler County, including Jonathan Simon, who tussled with Castilyn a few months back, landing them both in court Monday.

“No comment please,” Simon said.

Simon had nothing to say Monday, but two months ago he told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan that Castilyn would post pictures of his 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. He went to Castilyn’s home to confront him. Simon said the confrontation grew quickly violent and pointed out a scar where he says Castilyn stabbed him, but says he would endure it again for the sake of his children.

“I think it’s pretty ignorant,” Simon said. “Those are my kids. That’s my pride and joy. That’s one thing you don’t do is mess with a man’s children.”

Castilyn also had no comment, but his attorney indicated that he had acted in self-defense.

“The person who came to assault my client testified, the girlfriend that resided with Mr. Castilyn testified and all charges were held for court,” said attorney Armand Cingolani. “There’s charges on both parties currently.”

The judge did hold both me for court and a new judge will need to decide whether Simon was provoked or whether Castilyn was defending himself. As for the website, it disappeared in April, but appears to have resurface on Facebook – and the District Attorney has said he could do nothing to stop it.

“We find that what’s contained on the site is offensive, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do criminally because it’s protected free speech and we can’t prosecute a crime for free speech,” said Butler County DA Richard Goldinger.

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