WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — A student at Trinity High School in Washington County is accused of bringing several box cutters to school, and then giving them to another student who allegedly threatened a third student.

But, according to the mother of the boy who was threatened, only one student has been suspended. She believes both should go for the safety of her child.

“I don’t know if I want to send him back to a public school now that this has happened,” said Tracy Smith, the boy’s mother.

Smith is concerned for the safety of her 15-year-old son, Anthony Jackson, who was allegedly threatened by a female student.

Jackson: “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do.”

KDKA’s Brenda Waters: “So you went to the principal?”

Jackson: “Yes.”

Lunch time took a wrong turn Wednesday in the high school’s cafeteria, according to Jackson.

“I was sitting there eating lunch and I seen the one girl pull knives out of her purse,” he said. “There were three of them; they were box cutters, and she was handing them to the girl that threatened me with them.”

Jackson says what happened next was even scarier.

“The girl that threatened me walked up and waved it in my face, and said I’m not worth killing,” he said.

The girl who reportedly brought the box cutters to school has been suspended for nine days, the remainder of the school year, after the knives were found in her purse.

But the girl who allegedly threatened Jackson remains in school.

“I believe that the girl that did not bring the knives, she is the one that threatened, she also should be expelled and she is still there,” said Smith.

The superintendent of Trinity School District says school police were involved immediately, school policy was followed and the incident is being fully investigated.

What the superintendent would not talk about or tell KDKA is why the other girl who allegedly threatened Jackson with the box cutters was not sent home.

Smith has since returned to the school, spoken to the principal, watched the video from the incident and tells KDKA now officials are saying more action may be taken against the other girl if witnesses come forward.

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