PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police released new details involving a letter found in the locker of a teenager accused in a mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High School.

According to police, officers searched the contents of 16-year-old Alex Hribal’s locker, where they found a cell phone and a document that referenced Ragnarok. The Norse legend of Ragnarok refers to the end of the world.

In that document, Hribal allegedly wrote about his, “dissatisfaction with school and society.”

“What was going through that young boy’s mind prior to that episode, it’s evidence he was having some serious mental health issues,” said defense attorney Pat Thomassey.

Thomassey says Hribal was fascinated with the Norse legend and the vision of how the world ends with massive destruction of the Earth and dark images of incredible violence and bloodshed.

“He was in his own world a couple of days before this happened,” Thomassey said.

Police also said they are investigating after two students received threatening phone calls or messages on April 8. It is not clear if Hribal made those threats.

As for the phone, a forensics team is currently examining it.

Hribal is being charged as an adult with 21 counts of attempted homicide. He’s also facing related charges.

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