WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – You hear about it all the time, especially with fuel prices going through the roof. People fill up and take off without paying for it.

Well, State Police in East Huntingdon Township have a unique case – it’s not your typical fuel and it’s not a gas station it’s being taken from.

If it’s big, moves dirt, digs or works on a far, it takes red dye diesel fuel. It’s the same stuff investigators say was taken from a gray bulk fuel tank on Valley Kitchen Drive.

“They took between eight (hundred) and 900 gallons worth,” said State Police Tpr. Steve Limani.

The contractor named “Gas Patch” thinks the diesel was taken over a week’s time. The thieves broke the pump lock and drained the tank.

“You’re talking $4 a gallon and 900 gallons,” Limani said.

Now, red dye diesel is for off-road, farm and construction use. However, it can be used in big rigs and pickups. It’s higher sulphur/pollution content is what prevents it from being used in more prevalent road vehicles.

To prevent any future thefts, the contract has moved two giant pieces of earth moving equipment across the entrance to keep anybody from having access to the tank.

State Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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