By Chris Moore

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA)– Neighborhoods plagued with empty storefronts, little entrepreneurship and poverty are nothing new to Pittsburgh, but what can we do to change it?

Dr. Michael Isimbabi, energy expert and former finance professor, might have the answer. He joined Chris Moore on his weekly show Sunday evening, discussing Dr. Isimbabi’s latest book “Pooling Our Resources to Foster Black Progress: An Entrepreneurship and Investing Framework.”

It focuses on how the black community can come together to help themselves.

Dr. Isimbabi says we cannot rely on the government or other outsides sources to save our communities, but rather pool our resources to help local businesses and entrepreneurs.

He explains the investment would work, “If you have a fund that’s business-oriented, in which case people invest in the fund, it doesn’t matter how much, directed toward making a difference in the communities to deal with its problems then you are able to provide capital to people who are interested in working on these projects. It’s very clear that some of these projects are possible.”

The problem here, lies in the trustworthiness of the investment.

But Dr. Isimbabi explains, “To break through this trust barrier, you need to have people who are upstanding in the community to lead the effort.”

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