GLASSPORT (KDKA) – Authorities in Glassport are trying to figure out where a prosthetic leg and hip came from.

It is certainly one of the more bizarre finds in Glassport, but police are concerned that the rightful owner of the prosthetic leg may have either lost it or had it stolen and may not know that it was found.

A shoe and a serial number the only things that may help police confirm the owner.

“Something like that, somebody’s going to be missing. We should be hearing about it,” Glassport Police Lt. Ron Benoit said.

No one has come to claim it since it was found on June 21 alongside Monongahela Avenue by a man driving to work.

“He picked it up and brought it to the station,” Benoit said.

KDKA-TV’s Heather Abraham reached out to Hanger, the manufacturer, and was told that the serial number may be for recall purposes only.

Meanwhile, Glassport Police, in the absence of any calls about a found prosthetic, have played out every scenario as to how the leg could have ended up on the side of the road…

“Our thought it that possibly they don’t know where they lost the leg. Possibly it was in transit and fell off of a vehicle or something of that nature,” Benoit said.

They’re also looking into the possibility that the owner may have passed away and it was thrown out, or that it was stolen. Whatever the case, police are hoping to at least find out who it belongs to.

“It’s an expensive piece of medical equipment,” Benoit said. “We’d like to get it back to its rightful owner.”


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