By Bob Pompeani

PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)- Bob Pompeani had a round table discussion of the Ray Rice suspension with Amy Lawrence of CBS Sports Radio and Andrea Hangst of The Bleacher Report.

Pompeani asked what message the league sent with a two-game suspension.

“Well he certainly didn’t send the message that the NFL has a zero-tolerance policy about domestic violence and violence towards women, which is what they say in the NFL front office and is what we hear from Roger Goodell and others,” Lawrence said. “I think the inconsistency, to me, is the part that’s so frustrating and so upsetting.”

“It’s barely a punishment, and it’s embarrassing,” Hangst added. “The league really had an opportunity here to make a statement about domestic violence, to make a statement to its female fans, to it’s fan base. And instead, it just appears that the NFL cares about women when it comes to women spending money on the NFL.”

Pompeani asked about those blaming the victim for provoking the attack.

“Victim blaming is a tale as old as time, and it’s disgusting. To think that a woman can prevent being knocked unconscious by her fiance in public in a casino in Atlantic City, that it’s somehow her responsibility to prevent that from happening, is along the same lines as ‘it’s up to women to prevent rape,'” Hangst said.

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