PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Pirates broadcaster Bob Walk joined “The Fan Morning Show” in his regular weekly spot Wednesday to talk about the Bucs as they prepare for the rubber match of a three-game home series against the Cardinals.

Walk felt that Gerrit Cole was superb Tuesday and had everything going right, although in a way he was a victim of his own success.

“The only fly in the ointment I guess you could say was he was striking a lot of people out. So, he was throwing more pitches than he really wanted to,” Walk said. “You can’t be real efficient sometimes when you get those high strikeout numbers. So, the pitch count got up there a little bit and with the trouble with his shoulders earlier in the year, they’re going to be, I think, a little bit on the conservative side with him when it comes to pitch count.”

Walk thinks that control will continue to be a major key for today’s starter, Jeff Locke.

“I don’t think he’s a guy that can walk a whole bunch of people – you know, four or five in a game – and really get away with it with any kind of consistency,” Walk said. “This afternoon, I hope that he’s able to locate that fastball inside, and get some early called strikes there and make it a little bit easier on his changeup and his curveball.”

As for the hot topic of Russell Martin’s future, Walk believes he  is less likely than most guys his age would be to break down over the course of a long-term contract.

“It would scare me with an awful lot of guys,” Walk said. “With Russell Martin, I’m not sure it would scare me, because I know what kind of shape he is in. I know how he takes care of his body. Now, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything, for the future. Age is age. You can’t stop that. But, if there’s anybody that has a younger body than what the number says on the back of the baseball card, I would say it’s Russell Martin.”

Walk joins “The Fan Morning Show” every Wednesday at 8:40 a.m. during baseball season.

The interview can be heard here:

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