2 Women Accused Of Having Sex With 15-Year-Old At Pizza Party

DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Two women have been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy at a pizza party in Derry Township.

Tonia M. Simms, 37, and Melissa E. Weaver, 26, are charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors and indecent assault.

The 15-year-old boy involved told police he met Simms and Weaver through an acquaintance on July 8 and was invited over for pizza at Simms’ apartment in the Holiday Acres complex.

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After eating pizza and drinking alcoholic beverages, Simms invited the teen and Weaver upstairs to her bedroom.

Weaver allegedly said to the teen: “What, you’ve never had a threesome before?'”

The women then allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old and had sex with each other.

The teen showed officers a text conversation in which he and Simms discussed his age.

Simms was out on unsecured bond. Wednesday, a judge ordered police to take her into custody and jail her on $20,000 bond. Weaver remains out on unsecured bond.


One Comment

  1. You spelled “rape” wrong.

    1. The double standard applied to women is astounding.

  2. Jack Inmanz says:

    And if he’s not done in thirty minutes, it’s free.

    1. Hao De says:

      kid delivered the pizza and the ladies didn’t have any cash for a tip.

    2. Oh, come on! .. They’re just a couple horndog women having some fun. Besides, the kid probably enjoyed it, too… The kid obviously likes pizza, so penalize the women by making them buy him and his friends pizzas every weekend for the next year..

  3. Sausage pizza, thick crust, anchovies on the side.

  4. when I was a kid the cops and my dad would have pat me on the back and gave me an Ataboy

    1. To the one who commented that the police and his dad would have given him an ataboy. That was before the push for neutering males by any means possible.

    2. Your Dad would have been proud of you having sex with a fat skank? Mine wouldn’t.

    3. It takes a big man to admit that his father would encourage pedophilia.

      1. malice420dotcom says:

        Bill Clinton would have…..

  5. iambicpentamaster says:

    Once you see their mugshots, you guys will dial down your envy.

  6. Don Zski says:

    hahahah.what a world

  7. These women need to spend the rest of their lives in prison. The mugshots…. They crystallize the horror the poor child had to endure.

  8. And what’s wrong in teaching boys some really needed skills?

    1. Sera Obrien says:

      I know right, I mean if that happened to 15 year old girls by men then you would be saying the exact same thing. Also why 15? Why not when they hit puberty at age 12? Or sometimes they hit puberty at a younger age now, because of all the hormones that we have in our foods so why not whenever you perverts want, because as you said “what’s wrong in teaching boys some really needed skills”

  9. Let’s blame this on the Conservatives and the Republican party too. Why not? They take the blame for everything else!

  10. Paul Roberts says:

    The Women had to get a young boy drunk to get sex because no one else would have them.

  11. I must have been lousy sex for him to rat them out!

    1. Did you see their pictures??? YEE-ouch!!

  12. They are going to be the next females Hillary trots out to accuse Trump of saying mean things.

  13. Greg Stevens says:

    Two desperate, very unattractive women should have been the headline

  14. Kurt Smith says:

    whoa! I can see why he had to drink beer first.

  15. Remember the scene from the film “Paint Your Wagon,” where the character played by Lee Marvin says to the pro, “I give you a boy; give me back a man.”

  16. John Smith says:

    When a white woman has sex with a teen boy he is black 99 percent of the time. Especially white teachers

  17. And you thought the creepy clowns were frightening.

  18. Tou Parish says:

    Sorry, but at 15 and without a pregnancy involved, and being that it IS a boy, I don’t see a crime here. 15 is legal in most countries and even some states.

    1. Lewis Goudy says:

      I don’t think 15 is legal in any state apart from close-in-age exceptions (which don’t apply in this case) and some marital status exceptions/defenses (again here inapplicable). I’m basing this on the wikipedia article “Ages of Consent in the United States”.

  19. John Oakman says:

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly–reminds me of rosie o’donald.

  20. Flash Em says:

    Weird.. how can he have unwanted sex? He would have to have an erection to have sex right?

    1. Larry Jones says:

      When queried by police about this, he just quietly licked his eyebrows.

    2. 1 – you certainly have never been a `15 year old boy’ .. they get involuntary erections several times a day..
      2- NO WHERE in the story does it use the term :”unwanted sex”
      3- the article cites a charge of ” involuntary deviate sexual intercourse”… that is entirely different than ‘unwanted sex’… lol too bad you do not know the difference.
      4-you can still have an erection and not want to have sex…. you have NO CLUE how it works.
      5-god help any person you are intimate with (like as if that might ever happen).. because you obviously have no idea what goes on.

  21. Larry Jones says:

    A couple of “two-baggers” for sure.

  22. Fred Garvin says:

    Alright Pittsburgh, we made the national news by Fing minors ! This kid must go to Plum SD and the rapist work on the school board.

  23. Miguel Cazar says:

    Better Headline: Really Happy 15 Year Old is Hassled By the Police

  24. Pizza and sex? I’m not sure what the problem is here.

  25. Well, I was hoping to see he dropped the hammer on a couple of MILFs but upon further review I believe he owes us all an explanation instead.

  26. Forget the horrific threesome. It says the women then had sex with each other. That poor boy had to watch that? Now that is torture.

  27. Oh, come on! .. They’re just a couple horndog women having some fun. Besides, the kid probably enjoyed it, too… The kid obviously likes pizza, so penalize the women by making them buy him and his friends pizzas every weekend for the next year..

  28. Out on “unsecured” and $20,000 bond? Judge had to have been a broad or joyboy, either one.

  29. Times sure have changed. Back when I was 15, we would dream of a threesome. Hell, we’d have paid for it. We need to track this poor boy down and give him his Luckiest Kid In The World award.

  30. Ed Cole says:

    Wait… the 15-yr old ratted out the two women who gave him a 3some? Wow, they must have been total skankhogs for him to have done that. Most 15-yr old guys would be smiling and coming back for more.

  31. Gee, when my brother was 15 he had to borrow Poppa’s car and drive to TJ to have sex

  32. caffeineator says:

    I’m a guy, so my POV wouldn’t be the same as a woman’s. Unless the woman was plug-ugly, diseased, or psychotic and dangerous, I don’t know of a male who wouldn’t consider an invitation to have sex as a stroke of good luck. Maybe a 12 year-old or a few 13 year-olds, but by that time the juices are flowing and sex is in the air. That’s just how it is. How would a 15 year-old kid get “damaged” from this experience? I got mine at 15 and wanted it for several years before. At 14 my tongue was hanging out over a 37 year-old neighbor who said “hi” to me when I went to school. At 13 my friends and I were stealing our dads’ nudist and porno magazines from under their matresses and hiding in trees to giggle over them. If some acceptable female wanted sex when I was 13, I’d have gone for it and so would every other guy I’ve ever met. Now, I accept that it is different for girls. No question. Leave them alone unless they want initiate it. But for guys? That is my POV.

  33. Rollo Smith says:

    Geezuz christ, two ugly fat women. The poor kid. If they were decent looking is one thing. Now the kid will have an ugly women fetish. Lucky for him there are billions of trashy ugly women on Earth to choose from!

    1. Jason Watson says:

      Well, maybe he was a brother. They do seem to like the chubby women. Hey, fat chicks deserve lovin’ too!

  34. Rik Mik says:

    Was he blind? That could be the ONLY explanation…

  35. Why do you think they now have satanic clubs in schools and teach 7 year olds how to use a vibrator?

  36. So it’s the kid who told the cops about the ‘pizza party’? That must have been a lousy pizza or those women were a lousy lay. When I was 15 and two women had asked me to play Hide The Salami with them, I would have bought the pizza and kept my mouth shut.

  37. Josh Apple says:

    “Hey ladies, did you order extra sausage?”

  38. Jim Thompson says:

    So two Hillary supporters had sexual relations with minors… nothing new here

  39. Poor kid……raped by TWO FAT COWS.

  40. Yuk, man that kid must have been desperate, Bow wow wow !

  41. “Hey lady.. did you order a pepperoni pizza? Well.. here’s the pizza.. zzzzzziiiiipppp and here’s the pepperoni”… Cheech and Chong “Hey Margaret”..

  42. I think I saw this movie.

  43. “Dear sirs: I would have never believed the letters in Penthouse, but I was at this pizza party and…”

    Normally I’d say there’s a reason the double-standard exists. For an underage female, even if she is a “willing” participant, the physical harm is greater and the potential for psychological damage is greater (humiliation amongst peers e.g.). A boy that age, besides this being the fodder for fantasy, is far more likely to enjoy participating, has less chance for physical damage and is more likely to be seen as a “hero” by his peers.

    Normally I would argue that…but then I saw the she-beasts that perpetrated this unforgivable crime upon this poor child. That kid is damaged for life!

  44. A couple of Hillary supporters.

  45. Robert Stout says:

    What…NO Stephen King references????

  46. Dan Riley says:

    everything was going pretty cool till the one that ate the most of the pizza sat on his face and let her rip!!!

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