Poll: 7 Percent Of Voters Have Lost Friends Over 2016 Presidential Race

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A new survey from Monmouth University shows that seven percent of voters have cut ties with a friend over the 2016 Presidential Race.

CBS News reports that nine percent of Hillary Clinton supporters said they’ve lost a friend because of the election and, 6 percent of Donald Trump supporters have said the same, as well as 3 percent of other voters. Monmouth noted that 7 percent of voters in previous political campaigns have also ended friendships.

More than two-thirds of voters said this year’s presidential race has brought out the worst in people. The poll also found that nearly two-thirds believe the harsh language used in politics today is unjustified, while 30 percent said it’s justified.

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37 percent said the harsh language is coming from Trump’s campaign, while 11 percent thought it was coming from Clinton’s.

The poll surveyed 802 registered voters between Sept. 22 and 25 with a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.


One Comment

  1. The worst ones are the neverTrumpers! They are worse than the liberals, I didn’t think it was possible but I had to cut several people off that were Republicans but believe all the BS the mainstream media prints.

    1. Don Perry says:

      You can’t be serious about mainstream media. They are so in the bag for Clinton that anyone with any sense can see it. The issue is really one of whether the country will continue on the road to a social welfare state, dropping traditional constitutional guarantees of individual freedom OR return to a traditional America of individual freedom and responsibility and the opportunities of a free market. This is a choice between big government and limited government, but it is also about maintaining the status quo or dismantling a political system that has grown to ignore its citizens and enrich its politicians. Trump may not be a trustworthy agent for those who want to limit government and politicians, but Clinton is a sure thing to continue the personal power of corrupt government and politicians. If she get elected and puts her supreme court justices in place, the US will be gone for generations to come — perhaps forever.

      1. God said in the end days many would see evil as good and good as evil – for me this is why my friends have lost the ability to see Hillary for what she is – they rejected God in their youth and can no longer see evil in their life. It is as plain as day folks

      2. I agree. Trump has flaws and is imperfect for sure, but he is an American first. Hillary is the embodiment of all that is wrong and corrupt. She and her cronies are the problem.

    2. I agree with you Hanna. How can we ever believe anything these “former” Republicans say again. They used us as long as it suited them, to enrich themselves and their families, establish their “dynastys” and now when we need them they stab us in the back. If Trump loses it will be because of them and my whole family will NEVER vote Republican again in our lifetimes. It will be the end of The Republican party on the national level. We will support Senate and House reps IF they hold true, those that didnt support Trump will lose. I would rather vote and lose with third a small third party than EVER have another Republican traitor in office if Trump loses.

    3. Larry Miller says:

      Those Hillary backers better learn what will happen if she gets in, that being, they will become Muslims(or get their head whacked off) Sharia Law will be forced on them.—Their children will be converted, wearing the head piece, praying to Allah, pork will be outlawed(pork is in 100s of foodstuff we eat, boys will be required to join the Hillary/Obama ISIS and become servants of BLM and servants(slaves) of a dictatorial government…………and I will bet my life on that….

  2. Brad Dub says:

    That’s why I’ve never had idiotic liberal friends……..

    1. I didn’t think I did but some seem to believe all the trash said about Trump. Also they seem to have bought the garbage that they are “intelligent” because the MSM tells therm that Hillary supporters are the smart ones.

    2. John Dendy says:

      I agree, Brad. I won’t waste my time trying to be friends with liberals. I oppose everything they support and they feel the same about me. Friends don’t let friends hang around with liberals.

    3. no great loss. Hilliarys people are brain dead.

  3. Ron Daly says:

    The existence of this once great country is at stake in this election. A vote for Hillary will seal it’s fate if 8 years of Obama have not already. That is why emotions run deep. The truly informed and patriotic can’t bear the thought of this country’s demise.

  4. Daniel Petry says:

    Another in the long long long long long line of never ending polls.

  5. its sad but true liberals are fascists and thugh they think they are on the side of angels at certain points i have drawn the line. I had one female friend that thought obama forcing catholic institutional employers to provide contraception was wonderful. personally i would be fine with forced welfare sterilization but thats not the point the point is the freedom of conscious that Catholics ought to enjoy under the constitution,the state has no rights by law to force any employer to do anything all such laws are unconstitutional but alas we live in a lawless state now and whatever libs can get judges or agencies to declare law is treated like law and the gop whine be gentle for a bit

  6. Shouldn’t the word friends be in quotes?

    1. Hugh Wilson says:

      putting the word friends be in quotes would be both racist and exclusionary …liberals want us all to be the same PC

  7. Life is like an elevator. Sometimes you have to stop and let some people off.

  8. wjm980 says:

    I’m surprised the percentage isn’t higher. There is little to nothing united about the United States anymore, and it’s just going to get worse.

  9. Brent Taylor says:

    The biggest problem is being a friend to Hillary’s friends to begin with. Consider yourself fortunate to eject the baggage if they unfriend you and say good riddance.

    I don’t even associate with Dim base voters anymore. I look at them as the enemy they are.

  10. Most of this “loss of friends” occurs on Facebook….and they were never really friends anyway.

  11. Tom Dale says:

    I’ve actually gained quite a few. ^_^

  12. John Zilla says:

    I personally exed out my Clinton friends. Any woman who supports Hillary who takes money from Saudi Arabia is a disgrace. I can’t have friend that are this ignorant and oblivious to her crimes.

  13. 7% of anything is not terribly impressive, nor influential.

  14. Some are saying Never Trumpsters are causing problems, I find it strange that all of the violence is always caused by the left wing liberals out side of the Trump rally’s or they are attacking Trump supporters in public places. A good example of ignorance is the statement by Hanna Forshue at the beginning of this comment section. It`s obvious they have but one source of information and live life with blinders on.

  15. It is very sad. I lost a 30 year friendship with my best friend over this election. She was horrified by my support of Trump. To have her look at me with such a look of contempt, hurt more than words can say, especially considering the fact that I was so supportive of her when she voted for Obama… twice! Instead of really thinking about what Trump is saying, she’d rather believe she was just wrong about me and my values after 30 years of friendship.

  16. I haven’t lost any friends but that’s only because I don’t know one single HRC supporter. I’ve seen a few scattered bumper stickers here and there but of all my friends, not one that I am aware of is open about their support for Hillary Clinton.

  17. People voting for Hillary need their head examined. We’ve had to deal with evil and vindictive O Bummer for 8 years. This country will not SURVIVE with Hillary. She will provide a pathway to citizenship for the more than 11 million illegals already here. They will vote for the Democrat/Socialist Party. Also, Hillary will bring in almost a million Terrorist Muslims from the Middle East. These, too, will vote Democrat/Socialist and we will end up being a third world country. And, these Muslims will change the culture of the US. Christmas, Easter, Chanukah, etc will be threatened and we will have daily acts of terror.https:/


  18. I guess that makes me a VII-percenter.

  19. C.K. Amos says:

    I’ve “lost” two long-time — more than 50 years — friends and classmates because they, at their age, are still flaming liberals. One said the last time we spoke, which was about a year ago, that he didn’t think that Obama was liberal enough. The other?

    It bothered me initially. Not anymore.

  20. Our nation is in a war the liberal socialist want a race war pitting minorities against whites. The good news is that many minorities will not bite. America is a beautiful thing, God is a wonderful father who gave us such a great land. Those who do not see eye to eye with that have decided to make war on it.

  21. This country has never been this divided in decades since POTUS came to town, and voting in HRC will make it worse, she said so basically by saying she would go above and beyond the current admins decisions.

  22. Interestingly enough, I have made friends during this election period…A couple of die hard life-long democratic neighbors recently told me that for first time in their lives they are voting for a republican…Trump! Both union members…but remember the LAST time we had the Clinton’s in the White House….One Clinton presidency is enough for them….and me!

  23. David Coker says:

    Should you have a friend that is a liberal and you lose that friend over this election count your blessings. Seriously, what could one hope to gain from a friendship with someone that is mentally unbalanced.

  24. Got some news for you. If you have lost ‘friends’ over this political BS I offer the suggestion that they really were not the friends that you thought you have. True friendship transcends those boundaries.

  25. Max McByte says:

    Friends don’t let friends vote for globalist “progressive” or criminals that have severely damaged our nation.

    These progressives have divided us into separate tribes within our nation.

    These globalists have brought hordes of invaders into every community of the nation robbing it of it vitality, resources and many citizens have been killed.

    Their corporate backers have brought in hundreds of thousands of H1Bs robbing citizens of their livelihoods and Hillary would bring in even more.

    These globalists like Hillary want to bring in even more Muslim “refugees” that she and Obama created with their actions, Arab Spring anyone.

    These progressives dot not respect us citizens, our laws nor our nation.

    When Donald J. Trump becomes President of The United States of America we citizens demand that this current administration, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, its money backers (banks, Wall Street and numerous corporations) and particularly members of the media be held accountable for the severe damage that they done to our nation.

    We want Justice and it is going to be served COLD!!!

    Have a nice apoplectic moment…

  26. Pete Wagner says:

    Friends allow friends to vote for Hillary, even though they know they’re wrong.

  27. Tom Ronson says:

    I love seeing Donald trump not being politically correct. He says it like it is and that is very refreshing. Got tired over the years watching professional politicians giving rehearsed, politically correct answers in an effort to not offend anyone.
    If Muslims are a threat to this country, then SAY SO. If black lies matter is just a bunch of criminals and thugs, then SAY SO.
    Very refreshing and that is why trump is on his way to the white house.

  28. Cara Claudel says:

    Who could be friends with a liberal? Their goal is to enslave you to the state.

  29. Tom Ronson says:

    Everyone should face the facts and acknowledge, that if you lose a friend because you support a certain candidate, then they were not really a friend at all.

  30. It is not just friendships being lost. There are family members deciding not to talk with family members about politics because of strong differences of opinion as to who should be president. Some don’t care about family unity and they continue to be at each other’s throats. Kind of like the civil war without guns so far, hopefully.

  31. Ha-ha: I “lost” a patient! Was listening to her comments on politics/politicians and just made a spontaneous comment! the wrong one! and the patient stood up and left. Never seen her again. Yes, this time can make you more susceptible to get ill!

  32. Tony Johnson says:

    My sister’s a Liberal loon. She chose to throw family and friends under the bus for corrupt Hillary. Haven’t talked to her since and probably never will again. No big loss…

    1. Tony Johnson says:

      No, I take one thing back. It is a big loss because when it comes to family, blood is supposed to be thicker than water. Too bad Liberalism has blinded my sister and I will miss her.

  33. I don’t associate with uninformed, anti-American, racist, baby-killing globalist liberals so it’s impossible for me to lose friends.

  34. The media loves polls. That’s because they make them. Just say no to polls.

  35. The only friend I lost was an intolerant, bigoted ‘progressive’. When I told her I voted for Trump during the primaries, she threw a tantrum in a restaurant. Thankfully, I haven’t heard from her and I don’t want to. Unfriended her on Facebook. I don’t need close-minded bigots in my life.

  36. Paull Cudak says:

    Do you have friends that insist HRC is the way to go yet you WANT to get rid of all the BS that has gone on these past 8 years? GET RID OF THEM, What is more important a SUPPOSED friendship? or Love of country? I chose Country and got rid of all the liberal slackers and have been better off.
    I have more of my own money because they are no longer borrowing and never repaying, and more time because I’m not yanking their @sses out of jams they themselves caused or I’ve had to fix because even though they are supposedly intelligent, because they went to COLLEGE…..They are too STUPID to know how to work with tools!

  37. This story is correct. Every one of my New York classmates living in their rent controlled apartments in Manhattan has un-friended me at Facebook. They are all Hillary supporters.

    They are all single mothers divorced for years and live in liberal Manhattan.

    Most have one adult child that live in the same rent controlled apartment.

    All their posts were about how landlords harassed them trying to get them to move. They all pay less than a $1,000 for an apartment that should rent for $3,000.

    It is not that they are poor. All are over 60 years of age and have good jobs, They travel all over the world.

    They all know the “System” inside out.

  38. Discussing politics with ‘friends’ is like having a rattlesnake bite you on the butt. Then you find out who your REAL friends are.

  39. How women can support Hillary is a mystery. How gay people can support Hillary is a display of outright ignorance or stupidity. Everyone needs to get ready for Sharia if she is elected.

  40. They both suck. Is it really worth it to raise your blood pressure and lose friends?

  41. Don’t trust MSM!!
    OMG–MUST SEE!! Hillary Clinton Coughing Rap!! Montage!

    OMG—Must See! Hillary Clinton in THE EXORCIST! Funny!


  42. This election is more about right or wrong than it is about left and right. Do we as a nation abandon the rule of law? Or do we restore it? If friends or family don’t get that basic principle, they have no principles.

  43. Steven Sloan says:

    The main stream media is always touting the virtues of Obama and his intelligence. What everyone forgets is that he was a tongue wagging, finger pointing community organizing divider. Donald Trump has spent years building a business, creating thousands of jobs and signing many more thousands of paychecks. Yes, he did build that. Insofar as his taxes are concerned, I couldn’t care less. He followed the law as it was written and carried out by the IRS, an agency that is no friend to any conservative. It was his legal fiduciary responsibility to save as much money as possible. I have no doubt that several jobs were saved as a result. AND he did it while Bill Clinton was president and while Hillary was a Senator. If they didn’t like the tax laws, they could have done something about it. But they didn’t. Now she whines when Trump follows those laws that she could have changed. Shame on Trump? NO Shame on her? You betcha.

  44. Enough!
    Trump 2016!

  45. All this hand wringing about “harsh language” coming from a society that watches the most hyper-violent, perverted, pornographic, vulgar, profane media there is to consume and they want more and more of it daily. “harsh language” = TRUTH to liberal democrats. Don’t stop speaking the TRUTH America!

  46. I haven’t lost a thing except a few traitors to America

  47. Jabber Joe says:

    Let’s put this “poll” in perspective ….. 802 registered voters that Monmouth University (whomever they are) contacted (most likely student) and were stupid enough to participate in the poll.

  48. Really, this is Facebook’s fault. It encourages this kind of thing.

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