Could Hillary Clinton Still Win The Election? There’s One More Chance

PITTSBURGH (CBS) — After Donald Trump was proclaimed the winner of the 2016 presidential election, there have been protests sprouting up in pockets across the country.

Now, an online petition has been started asking the electoral college to, when they meet on December 19, withhold their support for Trump, something granted to them in the Constitution.

Though Clinton leads the popular vote by about 280,000 as of Thursday morning, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. He has 290 to Clinton’s 228.

According to the Constitution, electors will meet in their respective state capitals on Dec. 19. In most cases, whoever wins the popular vote gains all of that state’s electoral votes.

The number of electoral votes per state is determined by the number of congressional districts plus one for each senator — a total of 538.

But as the New York Times points out, there is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate who won their state, or from abstaining. They are dubbed a “faithless elector,” though 29 states ban the practice.

The Times says faithless electors have never affected the final result of any presidential election and there haven’t been many in modern times.

The last time was in 2004, when an anonymous elector in Minnesota cast his vote for John Edwards instead of the Democratic candidate, John Kerry.

The foundation for the petition is the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, something that Trump himself has complained about in the past.

Here’s an excerpt from the petition:

“We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why?

Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic.

Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.”

In 2012 after Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, Trump tweeted on the matter: “He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!” The tweet has since been deleted.

As of 6pm EST on Thursday, November 10, the petition has more than a million signatures.


One Comment

  1. Eva Sala says:

    Where do I sign petition?

    1. John Dole says:

      The article specifically gives you a link to it, and you still don’t know how to find it? You’re a special kind of stupid.

    2. Karen Wicke says:

      Enter into your search. It will take you to their website and you will find the petition there.

  2. She conceded…end of story

  3. She has done her fair share of lying and Idk how an online petition could help when one person could sign multiple times or children..If you don’t like who won come out next election and change it.

  4. that would be a disaster. we would still have a republican congress so nothing would get done, and the act itself would surely cause a civil war or other constitutional crisis. she has conceded the election and asked that her supporters give trump a chance. it should be left at that.

  5. Those people are sore losers and make me sad.

    1. Not sore losers. Just an extreme concern for the entire country if Trump takes over. That includes everyone.

  6. LET IT GO,,,,,please move on

  7. so much for accepting the out come of the election no matter what…something Clinton said she would do..

  8. I don’t know if this was a thing started by Clinton or not. It’s probably from all the “tolerant” cry babies that didn’t get their way for a 3rd election in a row.

  9. Greg Iskat says:

    That petition is worthless, a bot could sign that 100,000 times with fake names and email addresses.

  10. John Dole says:

    I love how they capitalize “she won the popular vote.” Newsflash, that’s not how the United States of America elects a president. These whiners really need to get a life.

  11. Sorry, you guys stole it this way last time.. Now it’s our turn. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

    1. Marie CK says:

      Democrats are such cheaters, they want to change the rules in the middle of the game so they can cheat, but jo one told the the game is OVER SO GROW UP AND GET OVER IT!

  12. The people spoke should not be able to change this is so wrong

  13. Ken Keppel says:

    Still trying to cheat, even after she conceded. I know it doesn’t matter to democrats, but you can’t just ignore the Constitution.

  14. More misinformation!!

    “Are there restrictions on who the Electors can vote for?

    There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their states. Some states, however, require Electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two categories—Electors bound by state law and those bound by pledges to political parties.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Constitution does not require that Electors be completely free to act as they choose and therefore, political parties may extract pledges from electors to vote for the parties’ nominees. Some state laws provide that so-called “faithless Electors” may be subject to fines or may be disqualified for casting an invalid vote and be replaced by a substitute elector. The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged.

    Today, it is rare for Electors to disregard the popular vote by casting their electoral vote for someone other than their party’s candidate. Electors generally hold a leadership position in their party or were chosen to recognize years of loyal service to the party. Throughout our history as a nation, more than 99 percent of Electors have voted as pledged.”

  15. Lee Jones says:

    If the Republicans did this after a Hillary win……. They would be crucifying every signer. Do they even realize the winning party chooses what electors go from each state. Meaning Republican electors will go from each state he won…..Why is this even news?? SMDH

  16. Liberals are grasping for straws now. Sorry Millenials, but in real life, everyone doesn’t recieve a “participation” trophy. Grow up and move on.

  17. Pamela Milan says:

    To find the Petition to sign please go to……

    1. Get used to saying President Trump. The Electoral College has no chance of turning 37 votes in her favor. Even Hillary knows there is no chance. Accept the outcome and get ready . The economy will flourish. I thought Obama was the worst President in history but I had to accept him now it’s your turn. Don’t be a sore loser !

      1. Pamela Milan says:

        Forget that! Trump supporters were threatening even during the election for the past 2 years so get used to us complaining now. Too bad! We will have 3 million very soon as 50K are signing and contributing each hour. It will carry heavy weight and a big stick. This is not going away! Too bad, so sad! We will not stop! She won the popular vote and it is possible to call for recount and more. Sorry but get over it! After you complaining, we have a right to do the same thing.

  18. Pamela Milan says:

    Over 2 millions have signed and donated already. This is not going away!

  19. Trump won hes are leader now grow up and get on with ur lives. that paper that u have signing means nothing to must of us. GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE to change our WORLD

    1. Pamela Milan says:

      well over 2 million signed and donating, with 50K signing per hour. this is not over til the fat lady sings on December 12th! minds can be changed! the riots are not going away.

  20. Sisto Tapia says:

    Liberals consistently fail at logic…They complain that their votes aren’t counted in the popular vote but then retort that “We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states (popular) vote and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton” Special kind of stupid….lol

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  23. I say/write this every 4 years, regardless of the outcome in any presidential election.

    In layman’s terms, the electoral college was the best brainchild that the framers of the Constitution ever devised so that every State, regardless of size, has a voice in the election of our president; States’ rights were paramount. If it were otherwise, candidates would be spending all of their time in the large metropolitan population centers across the country without regard to the States with smaller populations.

    Had a slightly greater percentage of minorities living in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit and Milwaukee voted, the requisite electoral votes for those states would have gone the way of HRC instead of DJT.

    The system IS NOT broken so there’s no need to fix it. Protest and demonstrate to your heart’s content, you’re afforded that right.

  24. Dallas Moore says:

    Hillary Clinton should go to prison and anyone who thinks a criminal is more fit to be president is an idiot.

    1. Right…because DT is such a law-abiding citizen…

  25. Um….. has anyone signing the petition realize that trump could end up with more electoral votes ?

    And if so, then what would you do ?

  26. ok 1. service men/women still have votes incoming for 2016.. that have not been counted for one..2. if Trump has the votes retallied and the votes of the dead and illegals removed hed win the popular vote as well as college..3. in 08 republicans proposed removing the electoral college which the democrats opposed to that the college was the only way to have a fair honest election.. 4.. she conceded if she wanted to persue any fight to win shed have never made the call…5..over 20 delegates would have to change their vote.. and after seeing the riots and violence in the streets since he won the election.. i do not see that sure if you spoke with the delegates this was the reason they also voted for trump.. you cannot get your way by trashing the country your suppose to love.. you cannot attack and use violence.. this is WHY trump won in the first place..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..

  27. This is ridiculous, Say they do overturn it, then Trumps supporters go out and protest, riot, do they once again overturn it, because you can’t for one without the other! If you are an American then you accept our policies for election, plain and simple, you DON’T have an adolescent hissy fit and throw a tantrum tantrum. All this will cause is a seesaw effect, Hillary lost, Trump won. we need to stand United and help our Country heel.

    1. Pamela Milan says:

      This is America! No, we do not have to accept status quo or conform. Get used to it! It is not going away.

  28. Source and plan is from Soros, who hates Israel and loves globalism.

  29. David Pahl says:

    Why does the petition have the word “Republic” in it? Any other time, Democrats will tell you that the country is ruled by Democracy. I’ll bet there aren’t many that know the difference. A Republic is governed by the laws of the land while a Democracy is ruled by the a popular majority. Educate yourselves….

  30. Pamela Milan says:

    My David, are you talking for all Americans? I think not! This petition is the voice of the People. It is growing exponentially and already at close to 5 million in less than a week. This is not going away. Petition to Movement. Wake up, people!~

  31. The final count isn’t even in Trump could win the Popular vote. Your information in your article fails to mention that..

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