Attacker Plows Into Crowd, Stabs People At Ohio State Campus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (KDKA/AP) — A man plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at Ohio State University and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by an officer Monday morning, campus police said.

The attacker was identified as Ohio State student Abdul Razak Ali Artan. He was born in Somalia and was a legal permanent resident of the U.S., according to a U.S. official who wasn’t authorized to discuss the case and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The officer who shot and killed Artan was identified as Officer Alan Horujko.

Photo: Ohio State University

Eleven people were hurt, one critically, and Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said police were investigating whether it was a terrorist attack.

The details emerged after a morning of confusion and conflicting reports that began with the university issuing a series of tweets warning students that there was an “active shooter” on campus near the engineering building and that they should “run, hide, fight.”

Numerous police vehicles and ambulances converged on the 60,000-student campus, and authorities blocked off roads. Students barricaded themselves inside offices and classrooms, piling chairs and desks in front of doors, before getting the all-clear an hour and a half later.

Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone said that the attacker drove over a curb outside a classroom building and that an officer who was nearby shot the driver.

“The threat ended when the officer shot the suspect,” said Monica Moll, the school’s public safety director.

The shelter-in-place warning was lifted about an hour and half later and the campus was declared secure after police concluded there was no second attacker, as rumored.

A student from Latrobe said she was in class right next to the building where the attack took place.

“All we did was stay where we were at and lock the doors of the building. We didn’t really know what to do because it was so close, we didn’t want to go outside,” said Megan Ratallick of Latrobe.

“It was so out of the blue, and it was just unnerving knowing it could happen anywhere at anytime, and you never expect it to happen on your campus,” said Andrew Lancio of Pine Township.

Angshuman Kapil, a graduate student, was outside the building when the car barreled onto the sidewalk.

“It just hit everybody who was in front,” he said. “After that everybody was shouting, ‘Run! Run! Run!'”

Student Martin Schneider said he heard the car’s engine revving.

“I thought it was an accident initially until I saw the guy come out with a knife,” Schneider said, adding that the man didn’t say anything when he got out.

Most of the injured were hurt by the car, and at least two were stabbed, officials said. One had a fractured skull.

Asked at a news conference whether authorities were considering the possibility it was a terrorist act, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said: “I think we have to consider that it is.”

Surveillance photos showed Artan in the car by himself just before the attack, but investigators were looking into whether anyone else was involved, the campus police chief said.

Ohio State’s student newspaper, The Lantern, ran an interview in August with a student named Abdul Razak Artan, who identified himself as a Muslim and a third-year logistics management student who had just transferred from Columbus State in the fall.

He said he was looking for a place to pray openly and worried about how he would be received.

“I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what media portrays me to be,” he told the newspaper. “If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads.”

In recent months, federal law enforcement officials have raised concerns about online extremist propaganda that encourages knife and car attacks, which are easier to pull off than bombings.

The Islamic State group has urged sympathizers online to carry out attacks in their home countries with whatever weapons are available to them.

In September, a 20-year-old Somali-American stabbed 10 people at a St. Cloud, Minnesota, shopping mall before being shot to death by an off-duty officer. Authorities said he asked some of his victims if they were Muslim. In the past few years, London and other cities abroad have also seen knife attacks blamed on extremists.

The shelter-in-place warning at Ohio State was lifted and the campus declared secure after police concluded there was no second attacker as rumored.

The bloodshed came as students were returning to classes following the Thanksgiving break and Ohio State’s football victory over rival Michigan that brought more than 100,000 fans to campus on Saturday.

Rachel LeMaster, who works in the engineering college, said a fire alarm sounded on campus during the emergency.

“There were several moments of chaos,” she said. “We barricaded ourselves like we’re supposed to since it was right outside our door and just hunkered down.”

LeMaster said she and others were eventually led outside the building and she saw a body on the ground.

Classes were canceled for the rest of the day.

The officer who gunned the attacker down was identified as 28-year-old Alan Horujko, a nearly two-year member of the force.

The initial tweet from the university’s emergency management department went out around 10 a.m. and said: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

Ohio State President Michael Drake said the active-shooter warning was issued after shots were heard on campus.

“Run, hide, fight” is standard protocol for active shooter situations. It means: Run, evacuate if possible; hide, get silently out of view; or fight, take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter if your life is in imminent danger.

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One Comment

  1. John Beball says:

    Word is possibly two person’s involved. 1 reported down, other in a parking structure. Possibly female. Facts not confirmed.

    1. Mark David says:

      Another prime example of why law-abiding STUDENTS and TEACHERS need to carry concealed weapons on campus.

      1. azfederalist says:

        Yep — that “fight” statement means nothing when you have disarmed the people who need to fight. Same thing where I work, there is an active shooter video showing people throwing baskets of silk flowers at the perp as a last resort. Makes me angry everytime I see that video.

      2. Joel Croy says:

        I do. Where I teach, carry a Ghurka blade in my back pack and a Bowie Knife. Learned how to use a knife from a Comanche drill instructor. Told me w/in 30 ft, a man with a knife has an edge (unless he is aiming directly at you, but even then, scream loud and charge, what do you have to lose). I also keep the class door locked.

        When I walk the halls, look at every Muzzie as a potential terrorist. I am cordial and friendly, but if they act in a peculiar manner, my weapons are where I can grab them quickly.

    2. Notice that the PC media refuses to identify the shooters. Are they black, white, muslim?

      1. azfederalist says:

        Coulter rule applies. If you haven’t heard a name within 45 minutes, most likely it’s a jihadi who has “misunderstood” the koran

      2. If it was a machete, you can almost be sure it was a black Mau Mau.

      3. 2 possibilities, white 20 something male with a history of taking Ritalin, Concerta, Daytrana, Methylin, or Aptensio. Or a Muslim. Who wants to take bets?

      4. Go to your campus ‘safe space’ – then call student support if the shooter enters the ‘safe space’…if confronted, repeat the following to the shooter, “Not My Terrorist!”

  2. Kerr Puter says:

    Fight with what against a shooter? Aren’t guns banned there to protect yourself?

    1. You fight with your hands and anything you can hold that can help you – rock, knife, bat, pencil etc

      1. Joel Croy says:

        He probably is liberal, but I am inclined to agree. You don’t lay down and die. US Army hand-to-hand fighting dictate, – throw your helmet at them, your canteen, use your Trench tool.
        The Apache was most deadly when he did not have a weapon, he would use whatever he had at hand most effectively.
        If you are locked with them, use your teeth and rip out their jugular. You fight. A liberal does not understand it, they will just cower in the corner and die.

        We who are 2nd Amendment rightly point out that there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men. A gun in the hands of one of these cowering liberals would be a waste. A man with resolve and acceptance of fate, would be dangerous with a pencil.

      2. I’m anything but a liberal, and know that a pencil can do heavy damage to an eye, rammed up a nostril, in the throat. Bite, scratch, gouge, claw, kick, whatever. Better to go down fighting than just go down.

    2. Jerry Walton says:

      They say fight as a last resort. With anything handy. They don’t say you will stand much of a chance. Taking a ruler to a gunfight doesn’t end well.

      1. Joel Croy says:

        But a man who is without hope, and resigned to die and has nothing to lose is extremely dangerous.

    3. In a liberal gun-free zone, you have the choice of breaking their law and carrying anyways and having some chance of survival, or being a sheep and trying to defend yourself with a pencil… Democrats watch too much MacGyver… I personally would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 8…

    4. Grizz Mann says:

      The pen is mightier than the sword. But the shooter was using a gun.

  3. John Bravo says:

    The tweet says: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.” Watts Hall is a materials science and engineering building.What kind of freaking message is that? And what do you want them to fight with? You liberals already disarmed everybody.

    1. What would you like them to say? “Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, prepare to die?”

      1. gwsjr425 says:

        Liberals already left that as your only option when they disarmed everyone.

  4. Probably just another snowflake who couldn’t handle the stress of finals because they spent their time worried about an election…:-)

  5. Obviously this idiot didn’t see the “Gun Free Zone” sign.

    1. John Beball says:

      Problem is …. the sign was in English.

    2. Joe Tonelli says:

      That is WHY the chose a liberal campus. No one will fight back. It’s like leaving a sign on you house that says UNLOCKED. Liberals are truly brain dead.

  6. Rob Howarka says:

    Not Trump Derangement Syndrome. Engineering / Materials Science target leads me to believe a disgruntled student….possibly even foreign born, seeking revenge for some perceived slight by fellow students and/ or faculty. Of course this is pure speculation on my part.

    1. CNN wants to go with your story. Stand by for camera crew.

      1. Rob Howarka says:

        Local news using a new one – HIPPA laws prevent hospitals from disclosing types of injuries. Ok fair enough either a bullet or a blade based on the other reports.

        Hostages perhaps SWAT mobile command centers used to run negotiations. If true this reduces the chance that it is one of Obama’s sons or daughters – too cerebral for them.

        Still thinking foreign student(s) – and not Hindi.

      2. Lewis Goudy says:

        Rob H Hindi is a language/group of languages. You mean Hindu, which is a religion (with ethnic connotation), the third largest.

    2. Tim Harris says:

      Hmm. Where do Islamists want to go?

      Somewhere to learn to build a bomb or somewhere to learn fashion design?


  7. “Under Ohio law, no firearms are allowed on campus unless the owner has a concealed-carry license and leaves the gun locked in a vehicle. At least seven of Ohio’s public universities reflect state law in the student code of conduct. Licensed students can bring licensed guns on campus if they’re safely stored in a car.” Columbus Dispatch


  8. Mike Arvand says:

    Always a whacked out liberal, and always in a gun free zone. That’s where there needs to be constitutional carry. these whackjobs would never try this somewhere someone will shoot back.

  9. John Paglia says:

    So now the press will report on this for days/weeks in order to get ratings which will make copycats psychos think that they can achieve notoriety and be the focus of attention by doing the same. Ii’s a tragedy, but please LET IT GO after today so the madness can cease!

  10. Randall Mead says:

    Wow. How cheesy is it that a law firm’s name is draped all over this report?

  11. This is the Christmas season.
    Who would slaughter Americans during Christmas?
    Based on past instances before i point a finger at a disgruntled Leftist Citizen i will point it at Islam.

    Why else are we searched at airports, train stations, dump trucks full of sand at parades, government watching every move we make, cameras all over the place?
    It used to not be that way in America.
    What changed?
    We all know what changed yet act like we dont.

    1. Robert Cat says:

      Islam is what happened.

    1. Chas Floyd says:

      Thankfully, no deaths reported yet.. Cops should at least interview Jim Harbaugh as a suspect.

  12. This is fake news… We all know that collage campuses are Gun Free Zones, and Muslims are a religion of peace…

  13. Mark Meyer says:

    Wait a minute…this is a gun free zone! Liberals are imbeciles.

  14. I’m wondering how fast the Democrats will jump on this and start calling for more gun control.

  15. Religion of peace I presume

  16. Mark David says:

    Another reason to ALLOW concealed carry by STUDENTS and TEACHERS.

  17. I just gots to know. What are the suspects? Muslim? BLM? Illegal Aliens? Refugees? Hillary supporting Social Justice Warriors (SJW)?

  18. Please pray for these victims.

  19. The reason that there is an active shooter on your campus is because he or she was taught to freely express him or her self in an environment where maximum damage is accessible!

  20. Brad Benigar says:

    the picture of the chairs and the carpet.. did they time warp those from the 1950’s or are they actually that old, Whatever the tuition they are charging to go to school there.. it must not be for chairs and tables.

    1. You don’t go to school to sit in comfortable chairs. If you want to do that, stay home in mommies basement. That’s where you’ll probably spend the rest of their lives.

  21. Don Butler says:

    Have they ruled out the Tea Party angle yet? That used to be their first suspicion.

  22. Grizz Mann says:

    Was Allahu Akbar heard from the Shooter(s)? ISIS refugees are sworn to attack the Great Devil and it’s institutions.

  23. Alex Peabody says:

    Apparently there needs to be a class on barricading. Lesson one: DON’T USE THINGS WITH WHEELS.

    I’m looking at you Mackenzie Bart.

    1. Randy Hein says:

      And the door opens the other way…

  24. Ah yes, another gun free zone for all the snowflakes…… hows that working out for you all?

  25. mikey0 says:

    Blaming Trump in 5…..4……3…….

  26. Jim Wolfson says:

    Amish? Baptist? Mooslum, maybe?

  27. How are those safe spaces working out now snowflakes?

  28. Bring out the play dough and the coloring books!

  29. NOTE:.. Now that the cops have killed the shooter, the campus liberals can come back out of hiding and start burning the US flag and protesting cops again.

  30. Jim Lively says:

    Stop excusing murder and the number of murders will drop. Instead. promote safer alternatives to dealing with stress. I don’t care what your “God” says, if he needs people to murder, he is no God. The only use a dead person serves is an example. What example was being expressed here today? What purpose did all this serve? Who gained, and who lost? Think about that, ALL of you think about that. Everybody lost. The question now is, why? And if we don’t like the answer, then we need to look to where the answer was provided. Who or what taught this person(s) that this was the correct way to deal with the problem? And if you don’t like what you find, well, lets just say that you now know what needs to change. I can get you started. Gun control is NOT the answer. Killing for any reason other than to protect or provide is 100% wrong. Who were these shooters protecting, or what is it they were trying to provide, and for whom? When you take a human life you change the future. That person could have grown to be a great scientist, leader, or maybe even an ambassador or president. How many lives could have been affected or changed throughout that possible future thanks to their influence? A future that will now never happen? How many more futures need to die before people realize that death is not ours to pass out? Death belongs to God, not Mankind. Any time one person kills another for any reason they are playing God. Who are we to have that right? Let God do his own work, and let us tend to ours.

  31. Not trying to be insensitive, it is real and scary what they are going through. Unless I do not understand doors, from looking at the pictures, but don’t those doors open out? Maybe they need to have a “how to make a proper barrier” class?

  32. Andrew Moore says:

    Ah yes, the term shelter-in-place. Came about during the Boston Marathon hoax, and used by the Watertown, MA police department before they yanked people out of their homes without a warrant.

  33. Matt Brooks says:

    Reinstate the death penalty. I don’t know if this was another terrorist attack or not but, if so and they want to meet their god, then they should get their wish.

    Prayers for all involved by this unnecessary tragedy.

  34. Buncha Girls mad at MGTOW men for having to pay their own bar tabs, probably.

  35. James Curry says:

    Where can we go for our safe space? I’m scared like a snowflake.

  36. Troy Ison says:

    Been shot or stabbed by a deranged nutcase? Call Berger and Green! We’re there for you!!!

  37. Arm yourselves and disregard all anti-gun laws. Why are you waiting for permission to protect yourself? Buy a decent pistol and carry it in your backpack. Practice weapons safety at all times. Be aware that you are armed, but do buy a good handgun and carry it at all times. To hell with the governments attempts to disarm good citizens. You will end up a good-and-dead citizen, or your family will. ARM YOURSELF. No government has authority over your life. YOU have authority over your life.

  38. autophiliac says:

    But I thought OSU was a GUN FREE ZONE?

    How could this be possible? How can someone bring a gun to a GUN FREE ZONE?

  39. Robert Burke says:

    Concealed carry fixes these situations. Defund Prog Ed, which mentally disarms folk.
    This university could defund Prog Ed and fund only Western Enlightenment, to get to the fix.

    Fourth of July 2016 Speech (Proposed) Lincoln-like, if you will… Lyceum, the pattern.

  40. To think this is a Republican Governor that was running for President! Good thing he lost.

    We have far too many RINO Republicans. Need to correct this in 2018. Would also help to rid ourselves of Lawyer Politicians in both Political Parties.They do NOT see us as their Client but rather the Globalist and Wall Street.

    Security Cameras seem to be lacking. That along with pattern recognition software. Reduction of insurance costs would probably pay for it.

    My firm did a lot of sub-contract work for the Defense Department. We had the above in place by 1978. Point is, there is no excuse for what occurred in Ohio.

  41. From what I saw in the story, the only shooting was done by police. The actor or actors used edged weapons and a car.

  42. Lee Lobban says:

    Hope it wasn’t a Michigan Fan

  43. Cops are so useless, they probably arrested people who were fleeing. We need to just all be armed.

  44. James T Doe says:

    It’s a gun free zone right? Anyone remind the gunman before they killed him that you can’t take a gun there?

  45. mncjgaines says:

    Is it just me, or do those doors open outward?

  46. Joe Slater says:

    It appears as though the only shooter was the cop who ended it, but don’t let that stand in the way of a good ‘MASS SHOOTER’ headline.

  47. I LOVE the false statement in the headline to draw up all the anti-gun flakes & sentiment.
    THERE IS NO SHOOTER! Knives and a car were the only things used to kill so far, as stated in the article. If ANY situation on a campus where someone kills is called an “active shooter scenario” then I suggest a change in terms. F’ing morons, all of em.

  48. Myyne Gaime says:

    I wonder what Gov Kasich now thinks about unlimited immigration from countries where this sort of tactic has been preached as a great tactic to kill infidels.. OH WAIT WAIT how racist of me to assume this was a radical islamic terror attack. I’m sure these are corn fed midwestern boys angry about affirmative action.. Probably racist white bigots.. More Syrian refugees should offset this sort of shameful behavior.

  49. The real problem is the easy access to vehicles and knives… we need more control of such items!

  50. Kim A Kirk says:

    Don’t worry y’all who are trapped at OSU… the liberals will bring flowers, candles and signs to scene of your murder and shed a few tears… then gloss over the religion and origin of the attacker… more important things to do don’t ya know!

  51. Active shooter, active shooter, active shooter headlines when the attack was with a car, a machete, and one piece of garbage had a gun.

    Also, how on earth can one stop the videos from auto playing after you watched the one related to this thread. There is sound but no video or link to shut it off.

  52. Frightened students immediately called the Black Lives Matter emergency hotline requesting help. Thank god for BLM.

  53. Somali’s are hardcore Sharia Law people who have settled in Columbus, Ohio.
    I am so glad that the US now has a strong leader in Donald J. Trump.

  54. In North Idaho, we would just burn the ‘refugees” housing to the ground and shoot any survivors…sorta like what the FBI did at Waco in 1993.

  55. stinkin says:

    what should not go unnoticed is that President Obama brought these illegals in to vote and tried to blow smoke up our rears calling them ‘DREAMERS’. The President owns this.

  56. Mike Arvand says:

    sooo… let’s add some things up

    born in muslim country? check
    f-ed up muslim name? check
    goat fetish? check
    identifies as muslim? check

    you cannot coexist with a religion that wants to kill you. The sooner the “religion of peace” is a dead religion, the sooner the world will know some peace.

  57. Rich Seibert says:

    Media refers to stabbings as “shooter” killings!!

    of course Somali…of course a muslim name!!

    just more media distraction!!

  58. No shooter. No gun.
    So shut up with the calls for more gun control!
    The gunshots were probably the cops killing him.

    Just a Muslim child refugee, who grew up and had a problem assimilating even though he was probably being given a free ride at the University.

    8 people taken to the hospital on Ohio State campus. Reports are that the suspect is dead. 60,000 students on the Ohio campus. Update: Campus president said suspect drove into a crowd and then cut people with a knife. The suspect is dead. All I can say is awful and sad! What will the anti second amendment people say now since once again it is people who kill people not the weapons themselves. Second update from NBC news: “Law enforcement officials told NBC News the suspect’s name is Abdul Artan, an 18-year-old student at the university. He was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States, officials said. The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.” So now I ask do we need to better vet people who want to come to this country from terrorist countries or am I not understanding this correctly?

    He was NINE YEARS OLD when he left Somalia. I’m sure he seemed innocent enough back in 2007. This is a huge problem.

  59. Vox Veritas says:

    Another of Obama’s dreamers…

  60. Vox Veritas says:

    More Obama Muslim mischief…you know how it is, dreamers will be dreamers.

  61. Should we be able to sue the maker of this car, now that it was used as a weapon?

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