Sales Skyrocket After Joy Villa Wears Pro-Trump Dress To Grammys

LOS ANGELES (KDKA) – Sales of Joy Villa’s music has skyrocketed after she wore a pro-Trump dress to the Grammy Awards.

On the red carpet Villa wore a gown of red, white and blue with the words “Make America Great Again” on the front and “Trump” on the back.

After her appearance at the Grammy’s the 25-year-old’s EP “I Make The Static” jumped to number one on Amazon’s top digital albums, and is still there Monday.

She was also climbing the charts on iTunes.

On Instagram Villa explained her controversial look saying, “Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree.”

The dress also helped Joy’s social media presence.

On Twitter she went from about 15,000 followers to nearly 70,000 Monday.

Villa’s dress may have helped boost her record sales, but critics on social media lashed out.

Others supported Joy’s decision to wear the dress, one even said it’s the reason they sampled her music.


One Comment

  1. Tom Baranski says:

    Democrats probably ready to commit suicide

  2. Thank you for breaking with the violent, leftist, lemming hoards and speaking with an independent voice. Love you, and I’ll buy your work from now on!

  3. Haters gotta hate, and liberal elites are the best at it.

    Glad to see this singer and her gay immigrant fashion designer aren’t “go along” proggies. they have minds of their own, and that scares the left.

  4. I wonder how many ‘Exploded Head’ messes the janitors had to clean up there last night?

  5. I say she’s brilliant self promoter and it was well done!

  6. Go Girl!! You are beautiful!! Left Lies, Trump is for all and does not Hate, and is not Racist! But the left Hates and are bigots, that’s what makes them hypocrites.

  7. Linda Ruth says:

    The left with all the celebrities acting like they are so brave for their delusional rants and patting themselves on the back for making inflammatory stands that only serve to stoke divisiveness then along comes this woman who is the definition of courage standing alone with a bold message.

  8. Jay Barbieri says:

    No doubt tattoo parlors are doing a record business too. I mean, look at those tats! Aren’t they great?

  9. I’m floored,I’ll bet the democrats are still sitting in their safe places watching cartoons and hugging teddy bears this morning.

  10. She looks great and Free speech for everyone. The Donald is all about Free Speech. Read the book about him (released 2017):
    “KEK: The Rise of Donald Trump” (released 2017)

  11. This will become more common as people conclude they’d rather side with positive, constructive, people who want to rebuild America instead of violent, stupid, selfish, self-centered, destructive trash that wants to destroy America.

    How appropriate that her music sales are SOARING!

  12. Donna Hall says:

    As an independent….I don’t really like political statements during awards shows…from either side, I find it intrusive to the celebratory experience of artists receiving accolades
    …just my preference…but the liberal elite are always vehemently defending political statements/free speech by the celebrities that support their views so I am sure they are ok with an opposite view. (hahaha)

  13. Outstanding! Going to buy her newest album now just to say ‘Thank you’.

  14. Just bought her album on Amazon. She’s a breath of fresh air. MAGA!

  15. I have no idea what kind of music she does, but I went to amazon and bought her album.

  16. Joe Boltonn says:

    Very brave! My father in law supported Trump, but he was too nervous to wear his red cap when he went to Home Depot or Walmart. She deserves combat pay…

  17. Very courageous of her. She is to be admired, but probably getting death threats from the liberals.

  18. Talk about courage. This lady should win an award. With all the goofy left wing wackos out there, she could be dead in a very short time. And, of course, fake news NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and of course the fantasy news CNN, MSNBC will justify her murder. Or pretend it never happened.

  19. Gerry Bevers says:

    Wow! What a ballsy, brilliant reveal!

  20. Mark Ten says:

    I had never heard of you until last night, now I will NEVER forget you. You’re so young and so courageous, Thank you….

    By the way I’m buying some of your music and sending it to the DNC…

  21. God bless you, Joy! Courageous and lovely – always be yourself and stand for what you believe in. I just bought your Static album, plus a few singles, and am already haunted by your song The Darkness. What a perfect song to describe the difference in the Left vs Right outlook.

  22. Joy is a Goddess that sings like an angel…just got my download!

  23. GOD BLESS YOU JOY, Finally Someone I can be Proud of at these silly Award Shows, And Joy’s Album is the first time i bought music on the net.. It’s Great i am not the only one. She deserves our love….

  24. The Snowflake Derangement Syndrome is getting worse. Bless their hearts.

  25. I’m certain there are a lot more entertainers who feel just as she does…now that this young woman has displayed enormous courage, and broke the seal, there should be more coming right behind her…what courage…gives hope….

  26. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Does anyone remember the Dixie Chicks? The were really big until they criticized the president on stage in Great Britain. They ended up cancelling the remainder of that tour and haven’t had a big tour since then.

    I heard they are currently at 4th Street Bowl and BBQ, Maybe I drop in tonight and catch the show.

  27. I just bought Joy Villa’s album. Excellent music!

  28. Chuck Arnold says:

    People are sick of celebrities attacking Trump and the people who voted for him. Everybody I know doesn’t buy anything anymore that might go into the pockets of these Hollywood hacks attacking Trump, or shop at any of the stores that dropped Ivanka’s stuff!!

  29. Bob Suyak says:

    Goofy/silly liberals blowing gaskets again, how sweet it is.

  30. I confess I’ve never heard of this babe before today, but she sure is my kind of gal!

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