Judge Who Stole Cocaine From Evidence Challenges Disbarment

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A former judge convicted of stealing cocaine from evidence in the county drug court he founded has asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to consider allowing his law license to remain suspended instead of permanently disbarring him.

Former Washington County Judge Paul Pozonsky‘s license has been temporarily suspended since August 2015, a month after he pleaded guilty and was given 30 days to nearly two years in jail.

Pozonsky’s attorney and former law clerk, James Andrew Salemme, argued before the court sitting in Pittsburgh Tuesday that Pozonsky deserves a second chance to rebuild his life and career, seeing as he’s forfeited his pension and medical benefits.

But an attorney for the state’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel says Pozonsky deserves the harshest sanction because his actions eroded the public trust.

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One Comment

  1. Rick Oskin says:

    who would notice, I thought they all must use something!

  2. David Colton says:

    Nope! No 2nd chance in THIS profession. Maybe Attorneys & political figures can re-enter their job market-But not a Judge.
    This is a job where you are held to a much higher standard. I would let him have any job he wants, as long as it does NOT involve public trust. You only get ONE chance in those jobs. He had his. Let him go be a Business Manager, Stock Trader, or a Lobbyist. He has already shown his above average qualifications for those jobs. (FYI-I was in law enforcement for 30+ years, so don’t think I have any “personal” court results, to grind an axe with.) Sure am glad I’m retired.

  3. Use this guy as an example…let him hang drywall for a living until retirement.

    Show these politicians and officials WE ARE TIRED OF BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!

  4. He is asking for his license to practice law, not be a judge. Or, do I read this story wrongly. Somebody says, “no 2nd chance” above. The only way to be a judge again is through election, and that certainly will not happen. As said, “attorney … can re-enter their job market” and I think that is what he is asking for accommodation. BTW, business manager, stock trader, lobbyist, all involve public trust, so I don’t understand this comment.

    So what was the outcome? The story leaves out the last line.

    1. David Colton says:

      My comment was being facetious. As everyone knows, Business Managers, Stock Traders, AND in specific Lobbyist, NEVER lie or cheat-NOT!
      And I would never employ an attorney that was a drug user, for my use. But some will. Good Luck to him. But I have a very low tolerance for druggies & drunks. (Biased by my former occupation.)

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