Upset Residents Call For Mayor To Tour North Side Homeless Tent City

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A growing tent city of homeless off of Howard Street on the North Side, apparently with city permission, is outraging local residents.

Paul Hendricks’ home on Compromise Street overlooks Howard, and he doesn’t like what he sees out his back window.

Hendricks: “I look outside my kitchen window and get to see someone going to the bathroom at breakfast time.”

KDKA’s Jon Delano: “You’ve actually seen somebody?”

Hendricks: “Yes, I have.”

But public urination and defecation are not the only issues.

“They’re stealing some of the tarps that we use to cover our summer things, some of our lawn furniture is missing, they come through here intoxicated in the evening, trying to find a way down over the hillside,” said Maryann Buggey, of the North Side. “There’s a home down the street where they’re actually living in the subbasement. They keep boarding it up and the homeless keep taking the board off, and they now have buckets where they’re urinating in.”

Buggey says she’s asked Mayor Bill Peduto to drop by her street where, until now, she has always felt safe.

“To do a walk-through so we can show him exactly what’s going on and what we’re living with,” she said. “The rats and the rodents that are over the hill from the mess they are leaving. It’s unreal.”

No word if the mayor will do that, but it’s clear what he won’t do.

“What we don’t do is go in with dump trucks and police officers and make them move unless there is any type of public safety danger,” said Mayor Peduto.

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Hendricks says he’s complained to government officials.

Delano: “What are you getting from them?”

Hendricks: “I’m getting nothing. I’m getting more response from the police.”

Delano: “What are the police telling you?”

Hendricks: “Let them handle it.”

Delano: “And have they?”

Hendricks: “No, because they work for Peduto.”

How to handle homeless encampments in the city appears to be becoming a political issue.

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One Comment

  1. Agua Agua says:

    i live in fineview & cut through the city-steps at night because i like to walk at night. being a woman i don’t feel safe with that tent city in fineview. this is irresponsible of peduto to ignore the safety of city residents. i’d rather see darlene harris or the rev john welch as our next mayor. peduto’s only “accomplishment” is removing all two-lane streets downtown pgh & on the northside bridges to make way for bike lanes (which has GUMMED UP local traffic as i drive back & forth into the city on a daily basis & the traffic is noticeably worse now due to the bike lanes…which are usually empty!). i used to live in philadelphia for a few yrs – that’s a “bike city” because of the FLAT terrain & because of the milder winters (both due to the fact that’s closer to a shore). does peduto realize that pgh will never be a “bike city” because of the HILLS & the NOTORIOUS rainy weather during non-winter seasons & harsh snow during winter? it’s a “nice idea” to be like san francisco & be a “bike city” but peduto is delusional to the realities of pgh’s weather & terrain.

  2. This is what liberal Democrats bring you. No regard for taxpaying residents. These people need to get the word out anyway they can. The rest of the city needs to know Peduto could care less about their concerns.

    1. Agua Agua says:

      exactly. too bad the group of do-gooder college kids cleaned up that site. if it became totally unliveable then maybe the parasites will leave. can everyone in fineview that owns a cat or dog save their “presents” that they drop in their box or lawn & toss it down the hill right onto the tents? they r trespassing on property that they don’t own – they need to leave asap.

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