Volunteers Clean North Side Homeless Camp For Earth Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In honor of Earth Day, volunteers showed up on Howard Street on the North Side to remove trash and debris from a homeless camp.

Not far away, angry neighbors from the street above the camp said a cleanup is not good enough.

“They should be gone, I’m happy they’re cleaning up but, clean it all up, take the tents with them, take everybody with them,” Mary Ann Buggy said.

A confrontation is brewing between neighbors and people who stay in tents just below their homes.

Buggy said they keep breaking into a subbasement in her daughter’s house.

“When it rains they don’t want to get wet so they’re making their way through this pathway from their camp down there and they’re taking this off which I nailed down a few times and they living in there,” she said.

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She’s not the only neighbor mad about the homeless camp. Paul Hendricks complained about unpleasant sights from his kitchen window.

“I sit here at my kitchen table, this far away is my window, I get to watch them urinate, drop whatever they got to drop,” he said.

“People can’t put a tent up in their yard, they’re told to take them down,” Pittsburgh Councilwoman Darlene Harris said.

Harris said the homeless camp violates city codes. Harris, who is also running for mayor, blames Mayor Bill Peduto for not taking action.

“This is political right now, the mayor wants to try to start something, I must be dong pretty good if he’s doing this,” she said.

A few days ago, Mayor Peduto talked to KDKA about the situation.

“What we don’t do is go in with dump trucks and police officers and make them move unless there is any type of public safety or danger,” he said.


One Comment

  1. Tom Baranski says:

    Peduto is a MORON

    1. Agua Agua says:

      that’s an understatement

  2. they had a camp down by the stadium and pnc park they made them move they didn’t want people visiting our city to see this so instead they put them on a hillside peduto needs his priorities straight give them shelter so they have and address to get gainful employment

  3. Lets not upset the suburbanites lets upset our taxpaying citizens. Good move Peduto .

  4. Sure is great that the little snowflakes cleaned the place up, but why can’t the homeless keep their own home clean??

    1. Agua Agua says:

      it’s not great that anyone is cleaning up that site. if it became totally unliveable then maybe the parasites will leave. can everyone in fineview that owns a cat or dog save their “presents” that they drop in their box or llawn & toss it down the hill right onto the tents? they r trespassing on property that they don’t own – they need to leave yesterday.

  5. The epitome of comic relief mixed with political correctness. These were/aren’t “homeless” people, they’re “off grid” or “occupy” people, they are life sucking hipster criminals thumbing their noses at society. And along come the tree hugging feelgood earth day liberals to help save the world. Ohmigawd, does it get any better??!!!

    1. Agua Agua says:

      i agree. there’s no reason why they can’t get a job & work. they choose to live in tents on property that they don’t own. they’re acting like parasites.

  6. Agua Agua says:

    i live in fineview & cut through the city-steps at night because i like to walk at night. being a woman i don’t feel safe with that tent city in fineview. this is irresponsible of peduto to ignore the safety of city residents. i’d rather see darlene harris as our next mayor (at least she’s against that campsite). peduto’s only “accomplishment” is removing all two-lane streets downtown pgh & on the northside bridges to make way for bike lanes (which has GUMMED UP local traffic… & the bike lanes are usually empty!). i used to live in philadelphia for a few yrs – that’s a “bike city” because of the FLAT terrain & because of the milder winters (both due to the fact that’s closer to a shore). does peduto realize that pgh will never be a “bike city” because of the HILLS & the NOTORIOUS rainy weather during non-winter seasons & harsh snow during winter? peduto is delusional to the realities of pgh’s weather & terrain…& obviously to the criminal element that endangers tax paying citizens.

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