By Dave Crawley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo? Life-size replicas are being moved, one by one, to the woodsy space once occupied by the zoo train. The back end of a brachiosaurus climbs the hill, to join the reptilian menagerie. Robby Gilbert is director of exhibits for Billings Productions.

“We actually have fifteen animatronic units,” he says. “And we’re representing eighteen species of prehistoric beasts, as you’ll see when you come and check out the exhibit.”

A low slung creature called dimetrodon preceded the dinosaurs, and diabloceratops preceded the more familiar triceratops.

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“There were some dinosaurs that were very birdlike” Gilbert says, pointing out an ostrich-like dinosaur. “This happens to be one version. It’s an oviraptor called citipati.”

Brachiosaurus receives his head and long neck, which would help him compete with giraffes for leaves in tall trees.

A lounging version of the pachyrhinosaurus is the only dinosaur that visitors will get to see over the next couple of weeks. The main exhibit doesn’t open until May 26.

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