By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (News Radio 1020 KDKA) – Another day, another layer of uncertainty Tuesday as talks on how to pay for Pennsylvania’s new budget plod along.

Democratic legislative leaders Tuesday alleged that House majority Republicans are now balking at “recurring” revenue as part of a plan to fund the budget that is still being negotiated.

While no increases in sales or income taxes have been proposed, other taxes have been discussed, such as a gross receipts tax on natural gas utilities that would be passed on to consumers.

But Republican Mike Turzai, the House speaker, denies any shift in direction.

“We’ve been talking about a no tax increase budget since April,” said Turzai. “I don’t see tax votes in our caucus for the taxes that have been floated.”


The state Senate recessed Tuesday after two session days in which little was accomplished.

For now, neither chamber is scheduled to return despite calls from Democratic members to reconvene.

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