PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It is the national day of social action and about 100 kids in Pittsburgh are not sitting back and watching everyone else. They are getting to work.

Students from a pair of summer programs in two parts of the city came together to fight childhood hunger.

“Scholars should be able to fight for childhood hunger and fight for the importance of it,” 12-year-old Nataeya Johnson said.

At Freedom Corner in the Hill District, it was the little ones who were doing the teaching on a hot summer day.

“Children are the ones who really make a change and once adults see that the children are doing something, you have to do something,” Kufere Laing, of the Kingsley-Faison Freedom School, said.

This is much more than music and a march. It’s a chance for them to drop off 200 paper plates. They say it is emblematic of the fact that 13.5 million children go hungry every day.

“When they relay that information as in one-in-three children go hungry every single day, they are able to understand that and relay that information to adults as well as to each other,” Kayla Edwards-Scott, of the Kingsley-Weil Freedom School, said.

The students come from the two schools came together to raise their voices to say it’s time to make a change when it comes to end childhood hunger.

“They could give food to the food bank, and the food banks, you know how they do? Focus gives out food packs out every Friday and they people food who need food,” Johnson said.

“It puts it in perspective of where we are coming from. Instead of the adults in this community who have been through these trials and tribulations to hear it from scholars who are going through this now,” James King, of the Kingsley-Weil Freedom School, said.

“Most of our scholars do understand what it is like to be hungry and maybe have experience with that or have friends who have experienced it. So, there is a very important to learn that they advocate for their own issues,” Edwards-Scott said.

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