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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — East Carson Street on the South Side has long been a place for a fun night out.

But surveillance cameras are now watching what goes on there. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office installed them in the last few weeks at several locations between 12th and 17th Streets.

“It definitely deters people. I have them in the back here, too, and we’ve caught a few people,” said Mike Alberter, the co-owner of Carmella’s Plates and Pints.

Alberter says he believes the cameras may prevent people from doing something stupid.

Alberter: “I think it should go to the Birmingham Bridge, especially maybe this lot, and the lot behind Smokin’ Joe’s as well.”

KDKA’s David Highfield: “You think the parking lots are trouble spots?”

Alberter: “They definitely are. It’s like a pre-game party before the people go out.”

Problems on various parts of Carson Street have varied from vandalism to fighting to more serious crimes.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the plan as to how they’re actually going to support public safety,” said Barbara Rudiak, of the South Side Community Council.

Rudiak says she’s hopeful about the cameras going up, but she wants to know more about how they’ll be used.

“If you’ve spent some time in a bar, you may not be thinking as you walk out of the bar that there are cameras and that could be detrimental to your future,” she says.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala will hold a news conference about the new camera system on Thursday morning on the South Side.

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