Kang Genuinely Sorry For His Actions

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) — Since news broke of his DUI arrest on Dec. 2, 2016, the Yonhap News Agency has often times been the source for any Jung Ho Kang updates through his trials and visa issues.

Yonhap’s Yoo Jee-ho caught up with Kang recently about what his life is like now. So, the Fan Morning Show talked to Jee-ho on Wednesday morning.

During Jee-ho’s interview, Kang apologized deeply for his actions.

“There was no doubt in my mind, talking to him in person, that he meant what he said,” said Jee-ho. “As far as saying that he was sorry, something like that should never happen again, and he made a bad mistake. He regrets it, really. I think he did mean it, and I think, right now, he’s ready to go out on the field and play.

“Obviously, he knows he has let down a lot of people, including the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, and he wants to show them that he is now a better person, and having sat out the entire season this year, even for all that, that he’s still going to be a valuable piece of the team if he’s able to get back to join the club,” said Jee-ho.

Jee-ho also explained that Kang may not be in any kind of rehab program right now, but he doesn’t believe the Pirates’ star still drinks alcohol.

“I don’t think he is going through [a rehab program],” said Jee-ho. “We do know that his license has been revoked, so he cannot drive. I think he will have to wait a few more years to apply for his license back. So, for the time being, he’s not driving. I don’t think he is drinking. I don’t know for a fact if he’s going through any sort of rehab program per say, but as far as I know he’s been sober and he’s not able to drive.”

So what kind of shape is Kang in and what has he been up to in his time away from baseball?

“He looks just fine, he’s been sticking to pretty hard, strict regimens in the last few months or so, training on his own, getting all the baseball activities except for the live game at least,” said Jee-ho. “He’s been doing a lot of weight lifting, so just to the naked eye he looks just fine. He looked ready to go.

“He’s moved past the point where he was sort of in his shell, he was afraid to go out in public. But he’s past that already, he’s been a little bit more encouraged to be out in the public. He’s been going to some little league teams, he’s been visiting with some schools to give them clinics, making some donations of baseball equipment. He seems more comfortable to be out in the public eye and he’s ready to play some ball.”

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