Foster Also Says Steelers-Bengals Is Not A Rivalry

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PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) — It was another physical, ugly game Monday night between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals; one that saw Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier leave early in the first quarter with a back injury.

Shazier was not moving his legs while laying on the field after trying to administer a hit on Bengals’ wide receiver Josh Malone. The hit left everyone frightened about potential paralysis for Shazier.

Steelers offensive guard Ramon Foster joined the Fan Morning Show on Tuesday and explained what was going through his mind when it happened.

“This was one of the first times ever, in my entire life of playing football, where I felt scared of football,” said Foster. “That wasn’t normal. I’ve seen a lot of catastrophic stuff, but never anybody take a hit like that.”

Foster says he was able to keep playing the rest of the game by keeping in mind that his teammate was in the right hands.

“You try to zone in away from it,” said Foster. “You know that he’s going to have some of the best doctors and staff around him and that’s what you hope on right there. You’ve got to be a little thick-minded in a sense knowing that, ‘Hey, I’ve still got a job and a game to play.'”

Ramon also commented on the so-called “rivalry” between the Steelers and Bengals and explained what a rivalry means to him, which is not what Pittsburgh has with Cincinnati.

“I’ll just put it this way about that term ‘rivalry.’ You know rivalry is when two teams go back and forth and there’s wins and losses on both sides,” said Foster. “We’ve kind of dominated the series in a sense that. Is it really a rivalry or is it just a messy game at times? I respect a lot of players on their team, offense and defense. I have a lot of respect for Geno [Adkins], [Carlos] Dunlap, [Michael] Johnson, even Pacman [Jones]. Pacman is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. It’s just the extra stuff that goes in to it that’s making it a rivalry.”

So does Ramon have the same respect for Vontaze Burfict?

“I respect his play-making ability and the type of player he can be, but the extra stuff that comes along with it, it’s unnecessary,” Foster said.

You can hear the entire interview with Steelers guard Ramon Foster on the Fan Morning Show below. Foster appears lives on 93.7 The Fan at 8 a.m. ever Tuesday.

Comments (23)
  1. The beginning of the end of football.

  2. Yeah, PacMan is definitely one of the coolest guys you’ll meet. Unless you are one of his shooting victims spending his life in a wheelchair. He was a white guy though, so who cares, right?

  3. Dan Quick says:

    laughable, Steelers are the dirtiest team in the NFL. I like how during the broadcast of this game they showed all the photos of the cheap shots the Steelers have taken against the Bengals over the years. Seems like the Steelers strategy is to eliminate Bengals players at all cost

    1. kingghidora says:

      Dan you nailed it perfectly. Except you left out what crybabies the Stealers and their fans are. They lobbied the league to go after Burfict until the league caved and started calling penalties on him if he sneezed. Reports I’ve seen about the cheap shot on Burfict talked about how Burfict is a dirty player. Funny how that works. That playoff hit was totally about the receiver ducking his hed so he could draw a penalty. He knew the refs would flag Burfict for passing gas if they heard it.

  4. It’s a GAME. It is not worth spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair or suffering from concussion-induced dementia, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, or chronic and severe mental illness. I played. I had concussions. And I now have two neurological disorders. If I had sons, I would not want them to play football.

  5. If any player is “scared” of football they shouldn’t be on the field. Home Depot is hiring.

    1. dtahan says:

      Right on Susan! I’ll take hockey any day.

  6. Jeff Phelps says:

    Chicken hearted censorship – typical for the Stealers.

  7. Mike Stein says:

    He basically did this to himself. No one will mention it’s the ugly head of karma coming around. Still you don’t want to see this happen to anyone. Even someone trying to do the same to others.
    Shazier has incredible energy and passion. Any team would love to have him despite his consistent issues. Get well!

  8. The Shazier hit… I want you to notice… The hit from Iloka in the endzone was the ONLE Bengals hit that was llegal. The Shazier hit was a hit from him on Malone… notice he led with his helmet. The hits on Mixon, TWO Steelers at the same time hit Mixon Helmet to Helmet. The Hit on Burfect… ’nuff said.

    How about the Phantom holding… or the Pass interference call that wasn’t pass interference… You realize that if that touchdown stood, 24 points!! Not 20, the game is far different.

    I’m tired of the Steelers doing this… complaining about a guy… getting revenge on him, standing over him… and the STILL talking about how dirty he is.

    Even more reason to glorify every time the Steelers lose.

  9. This is just an attempt to take everyone off topic about the bravo sierra the players are pulling with taking a knee and social justice BS! The players are still a bunch of p*ssies…No more Terry Bradshaws, just beta males. They are not fooling me, or many others.

  10. OMG, I remember watching as a kid in the 60’s when you showed up clean shaved, properly groomed and ready to cripple the opponent, after all, “Winner isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Vince Lombardi.

  11. Shazier leads with his head in making a tackle again, and meets “karma”.

  12. Terry Garvin says:

    Kimo von assassin of the stealers really started the rivalry and they have lead the league in cheap shots for ever.

  13. Tom Seim says:

    The hit that took Shazier out was no hit at all: he was doing the hitting, and it was a routine block. He did it to himself by going in head first. So all of the hubbub is about Smith-Schuster’s block, one play in over 3 hours of broadcast time.

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