Koeppen's Corner

Angie's List: Garage Door Replacement TipsFew of us think much about our garage door until it stops working or it becomes so weather-beaten, it's an eyesore.
Angie's List: Repair Business In No Need Of RepairWhat do you do when the coffee pot stops brewing, the leaf blower stops blowing or the laptop goes haywire? Do you fix it or go buy new?
Angie’s List: How To Safely Remove Lead PaintAn alert for anyone who owns a house built before 1978: if you’re planning to paint, renovate or strip any wood within it, you first need to get it tested for lead.
Angie's List: How To Maintain Concrete Driveways And SidewalksA cracked sidewalk or driveway with weeds popping through is no way to welcome guests to your home, especially if you’re trying to sell.
Consumer Reports Investigates Tire Tread-Wear ClaimsConsumer Reports tested the tread life of 47 tires — two samples of each — to check tread life claims by manufacturers.
Angie's List: Using Drones For BusinessesDavid Beaudin has been inspecting homes and buildings with his lightweight drone for more than a year.
Consumer Reports: Should You Buy An Ultra HD TV?Consumer Reports seeks to answer if now is the right time to purchase an ultra high-definition television or hold off.
Angie's List: Don't Get Duped By A Ticket SchemeSo you want tickets to the big game or the hot concert, but they’re already sold out.
Consumer Reports: Apple Laptops Least Likely To Have Problems With AgeIf you have an older laptop, prepare for it to stop working. Consumer Reports’ latest survey found that laptops more than three years old are much more likely to break.
Touching Update On Susan Koeppen’s StoryPeople often ask me if I keep in touch with the medical students who gave me CPR when I suffered cardiac arrest back in 2011.
Consumer Reports: Cutting Teen Car Insurance CostsGetting a driver’s license is a big milestone for teenagers and their families. But along with that is the worry of rocketing insurance premiums.
Angie's List Highlights Current Bathroom TrendsYour bathroom can say a lot about you as a homeowner. Angie's List has a look at some of the current trends that are here to stay.
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