steelersfans 108809484 A Guide For Ladies: How To Dress For A Steelers Game

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By Ashley Close

It is a ruthless understatement to say that Pittsburghers love football. They live it, breathe it, bleed it and are not shy about showing it. When watching a game, the typical way to go about displaying your Steelers pride is to throw on a jersey, grab a Terrible Towel, and anxiously await a win with an I.C. Light. Suitable, but decidedly un-feminine.

In recent years, the sporting gear manufacturers have acknowledged that the growing demand of its Lady Fans is for something distinctly more chic. We want items that are meant to fit us, not a 300 pound man wearing pads.

They attempted to answer our prayers, and out came the sexy jerseys cut into cleavage bearing halter tops with side lacing and bows. This type of shirt may have its place in warmer climates, but for those of us who enjoy football when there is snow falling from the sky, sexy is not going to be an option. It also cannot go without noting that as a general rule, rhinestones and pink jerseys have no place in front of a football game. Just because a player’s name is on the back does not make it appropriate to wear a jersey without your team colors.

So, what’s a chic Steelers fan to wear?

steelersfan 77116418 A Guide For Ladies: How To Dress For A Steelers Game

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Graphic T-shirts

A T-shirt that fits well is the best place to start when building a wardrobe for game watching. A tri-blend shirt is perfect to wear in the warmer beginnings of the season with shorts, and into the cooler months layered over a long shirt and jeans. It’s flattering, while remaining simple and to-the point. The last thing you want is for someone to be confused over who you are rooting for because your t-shirt is too stylized. Also, it is easily washable if in the excitement of winning you spill your nachos or drink on yourself. They normally run anywhere from $12.99 to $44.99 and you don’t have to search high and low to find them, the Pittsburgh Fan will have you covered.

Pittsburgh Fan
206 Federal St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 697-2461
Local Business Directory

tomlin A Guide For Ladies: How To Dress For A Steelers Game

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Throw Back Jackets

Any good fan loves a throw-back item. A jacket that speaks to the glory days of consecutive Super Bowl wins in the ‘70s will always be appreciated. This city’s memory runs long and deep (much like our wide receivers have been known to do). This jacket could be worn as your sole piece of outerwear, or consider the black and gold ribbing peaking out of the sleeves of a heavier coat. Haute. Dick’s Sporting Goods had these for $79.99; just make sure you pick up the ladies jacket for best fit!

Dick’s Sporting Goods
5000 Robinson Center Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
(412) 787-1330
Local Business Directory

black and gold socks e1313702038655 A Guide For Ladies: How To Dress For A Steelers Game

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Fun Footwear

Your footwear needs will change as the season progresses. A sporty tennis shoe is always suitable, while a black boot with gold hardware might serve you better when it gets colder. But, just because they are covered up, doesn’t mean your feet have to go without a little pride too. Steelers socks are nothing short of remarkable and appropriate in every way. Forget spirit fingers. It’s all about spirit toes. Best of all, you can find these socks just about anywhere.

steelersfans 108869692 A Guide For Ladies: How To Dress For A Steelers Game

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Alright ladies enjoy the season!

Ashley is a native of Pittsburgh with an English degree from Chatham College. She spends her time stalking the New Kids on the Block on Twitter, and making wishlists on e-commerce sites she cannot afford. She also does yoga. Sometimes. You can follow her on twitter and maybe someday she’ll say something interesting.

Comments (2)
  1. Wilbur Doodle says:

    It’s not proper or ladylike for a woman to be obsessed with a sports team to the point of dressing like a classless fool all over some irrational loyalty to something as shallow and meaningless as a sports team. A woman should dress like a lady with class and dignity as any woman that dons “team colors”like a man cheapens her stock.

  2. Janelle says:

    Because my single goal in life is to make sure I am of good stock, similarly to an animal. I will wear what I want, whenever I want. Particularly on football Sunday’s.

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