By Ashley Close

Taking it to the streets of Pittsburgh to find the most fashion forward people, we ran into these three beauties and got the low down on their style.

sarah Pittsburgh Street Style: 3 Different Summer Looks

(Credit: Ashley Close)


Mixing patterns is an ominous duty. How to mix Tie-Dye and Leopard print, two very different patterns, without falling victim to fashion overkill is a precise science. Sarah tackles it with ease. And in white pants no less!

The focus goes immediately to her amazing leopard print platforms that are perfectly on trend. They could easily come off as being over the top, but her casual shirt keeps the look playful. A structured bag in a solid color and white pants that fit perfectly keeps it polished and put together. Throw on a jacket and depending on the dress code, you could wear this to the office as easily as out for drinks, or to a picnic. This look could work anywhere. Found in Shadyside.

Name: Sarah
Age: 24
Occupation: Bartender
Describe your style: “Glamour Casual. Jeans and a T-shirt with a nice pair of shoes. I always like to have a scarf with me. “
Style Icons: “Rachel Zoe, Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Bilson…”
Where is your outfit from? “Material Girl Top. Banana Republic Pants. Steve Madden Shoes. New York and Co Bag.”
What is your favorite piece in your closet? “America Apparel Olive Green Eternity Scarf. Banana republic boyfriend jeans. I wear them every day.”
What is your favorite local shopping destination? “Francesca’s in Shadyside. There are so many treasures there.”
What is on your summer wish list? “The Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 that I will never get.”
Favorite current trend: “Paper bag pants.”
Favorite summer beauty/grooming product: “Mac Lipstick in Vegas Bolt”
Favorite Iced Beverage: “Iced coffee from Coffee Tree!”
Favorite local summer activity: “Walking my dogs.”

American Apparel
5509 Walnut St
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 622-7021
Business Directory Link

5426 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2230
(412) 621-0355
Business Directory Link

Banana Republic
5534 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 681-2220
Business Directory Link

beth Pittsburgh Street Style: 3 Different Summer Looks

(Credit: Ashley Close)


Beth took casual summer dining to a whole new level when she decided to match her outfit with her beverage. Not a technique for the faint of heart, but her enthusiasm sells it. Pairing a waist-high skirt with a white tank top and punctuating with oversized sunglasses is a thought-free perfect way to stay stylish and cool. Break out something coral (arguably the official color of summer), and you know it’s time to play outside. I’m doing this with a cream blouse and brown shorts the next time I get a Root-Beer Float. Found in Squirrel Hill.

Name: Beth
Age: 22
Occupation: Cosmetologist
Describe your style: “Versatile.”
Style Icons: “Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani…”
Where is your outfit from? “Free People and American Apparel”
What is your favorite piece in your closet? “Glitter JCrew Skirt”
What is your favorite local shopping destination? “Free People in Bakery Square”
What is on your summer wish list? “Feather Hair Extensions!!”
Favorite current trend: “Nail Art. I’ve recently been into painting one nail a different color from the rest”
Favorite summer beauty/grooming product: “SPF Face Lotion by L’Occitane and Moroccan Oil.”
Favorite Iced Beverage: “Sangria.”
Favorite local summer activity: “Fox Chapel Pool!”

Free People
6425 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-4037
(412) 661-1750

L’Occitane en Provence
5521 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 621-8800

casey Pittsburgh Street Style: 3 Different Summer Looks

(Credit: Ashley Close)


It is the eternal dilemma of how to dress in the summer: Staying cool, and stylish, without showing too much skin. Short skirts and low cut tank tops are a method of staying cool that Casey does not prefer. However, Layering can feel like an option only reserved for brisk days in autumn and spring. She nails it perfectly for a summer night with a lacy top. Her cork wedges and denim play down the femininity of the top while remaining chic and casual. She has a perfect natural hair texture that we would slave to recreate and is typically only found beach side. So, of course her beauty routine is impossibly simple. Found her “stooping it” in Shadyside.

Name: Casey
Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Describe your style: “Really Simple. Comfortable. Totally me.“
Where is your outfit from? “Forever 21 tank and jeans. Lace top from Hey Betty on Ellsworth. Nicole wedges. Bag from Grand Street Bakery in Williamsburg. “
Style Icons: “Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan circa a few years ago. She’s gone off the deep end as of late, and Jared Leto. I also really like the way kids dress. Like, when they are at summer camp.”
What is your favorite local shopping destination? “Eons or Hey Betty.”
Favorite current trend: “Combat boots. Army/Navy green. I HATE it when girls dress and leave nothing to the imagination. Like, when your skirt is too short, and your shirt is too low at the same time. No.”
Favorite summer beauty/grooming product: “I just mix water and salt and spray it in my hair. Also, Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 wash.”
Favorite Iced Beverage: “Yuengling in a Bottle.”
Favorite local summer activity: “Running. Stooping it.”

Hey Betty
5890 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 363-0999
Business Directory Link

5850 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 361-3368
Business Directory Link

Grand Street Bakery
602 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Grand Street Bakery on Facebook

Ashley is a native of Pittsburgh with an English degree from Chatham College. She spends her time stalking the New Kids on the Block on Twitter, and making wishlists on e-commerce sites she cannot afford. She also does yoga. Sometimes. You can follow her on twitter and maybe someday she says something interesting.

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