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I have used several Rite Aid locations over the years and have been well satisfied. Eugene and Springfield Oregon and York Blvd in Los Angeles. The employees have always been courteous, respectful and helpful. I don't plan on going anywhere else.
Shannon H.
September 10, 2015
We have two Rite Aid locations in my city and they are both great. When in a hurry to get a script that I could not get in time from my mail order pharmacy the local Rite Aids both came through.
Jack T.
January 09, 2015
I have consistently received a poor attitude, and poor customer service, from a variety of Rite Aid locations, leading me to believe that this is not an isolated store or management problem. Today was the last straw, after having the same identical problem, with a different prescription last month. I dropped the scripts off 24 hours earlier, and when I called to make sure that they were ready, the person whom I spoke with, gave me a bunch of reasons why it wasn’t her fault, and couldn’t tell me when they would be ready because everyone was in a meeting and so on. An hour later, they called back to tell me that one was ready, but they didn’t have enough to fill the other and they can’t fill partial prescriptions with what they did have in stock. Last month I dropped off scripts and specifically asked to make sure that they had everything in stock and was assured that they did. Again, when I went to pick them up, they didn’t have enough to fill a different script that time and it would be a week before they could. At no time did I feel that they wanted to help me, they made it clear that they didn’t have time to help me, and I am left feeling as if they don’t care about me being out of medication that must be taken daily. If the everyday bad customer service isn’t bad enough, just wait till you see how they treat you if you bring in a prescription for any sort of pain medication. They really ramp up their condescending, judgmental, attitude then. Overall since they didn’t communicate that they sincerely value my business, I have taken my business around the corner to a smaller, local business, that has sincerely made me feel like they care and want my business. There is no benefit for me to take my business to a large chain when my co-pay is the same no matter where I go. Even if there was a difference, from now on, I will keep my business where my money is appreciated and I am respected and cared about as a valued customer. Rite Aid, you might want to take some of that money out of your enormous advertising and marketing budget and invest it into your customer service training.
Brook A.
December 17, 2014
Tom M.
December 08, 2014
i hate this place and i wish it was never born also i asked an employee where the tampons were and he said idk so there it is mena ofmerg[egmresiougnmrtamheajrthbuhy87tytu42509y427-0743324-986742iuth4329tq34otj432toin54giuhgnq4out54n7mf457y vtng b6h irtsinjsrnbis4 hgp;8h4q908h9 y7h54y 986 muh8tn7hrtj0e 5y865uybi3u5ehjyp5rjy 985duh89ujh985d6 hj9685emuyb0938utc0954uhyv4w9v8tu4w5-982uby4 598yu53wy-u mb2804iuv-c8j54 298c5jt98j54v-0tu3-9yh6j9w-4y4w-8uv458uc9-98,j54twqv89-jtw=3qt5uy-38ut28hy542utq54tjnbiutrgbuhguewqgpo98q-854045t45t872y5t78h5ui42htu54thj54y
Bimby J.
September 09, 2014
If I could give less than one star I would. The PM shift at the pharmacy is horrible. I was asking a sensitive question to the pharmacist's assistant who announced her opinion so the man standing only a foot behind me (isn't there supposed to be some confidentiality??) shouted out his advice and the pharmacist laughed. I will never use this pharmacy again. I feel embarrassed and humiliated by asking a simple question.
Lisa M.
August 27, 2014

Rite Aid

Very unpleasant and unfriendly. Never answer phone calls. I wish the Corporate office makes some changes and brings in employees who like to work with people.
Mohammad S.
August 27, 2014
The only reason I gave them one star is because I can't give them no stars. They are the only pharmacy in Corning Ca. so the locals have no other choice except to travel out of town to get their meds filled. Their policies and procedures may work for most but the second your situation does not fit their electronic system their pharmacy totally fails to take care of the customer in anywhere near a "timely basis." I can and do get two different and opposing explanations when I call at 6PM one night and then again at 8AM the next morning. One person will blame the doctors office and the next will tell me it is all the insurance companies fault. When I instantly follow up I find often find that neither was true. This time one person told me the doctor did not respond at all to their request for a new script and the other told me he did but they could not read the date. Both of these answers can not possibly be true and they are busted again. I have lost count of how many times I have been given answers to direct questions that were blatantly not true. Right now I'm dealing with them over a script that was called into them for a refill 5 days ago. They are picky about submitting refills too early and just won't take them more than a few days before the last one is used up. So, within their system and procedures there is no option of turning them in earlier to compensate for all of the "problems" they seem to constantly have getting my meds filled. In the end I'm out of my meds and I get no indication that they really care.
Paul M.
July 10, 2014
I use the Pharmacy with very good results. Prompt service, questions answered with a nice attitude, overall very good experience!
Dee dee C.
June 08, 2014
Horrible service, disgusting attitude and a lack of professionalism is how I would describe the ladies at this store especially the manager and Priscilla. Neither were wearing name tags so I don't know the managers name or if I spelled Priscilla correctly. Either way I will never be going back to this store again and if I were you I wouldn't give them your business because if you make a mistake and need to return something they will give you hell. First when I walked into the store the manager and Priscilla were talking and when I asked them a question about my return they acted as if I had just interrupted them on their own time and gave me attitude and looks like I was bothering them. I had my receipt but it was over their 30 days so they were unwilling to help me even though the item was unopened and still in the original bag as if I had just purchased the item that day. I accidentally purchased the wrong cartridges for their store brand razor and when I got around to needing them I realized my mistake and immediately went to their store to return or I should say exchange them for the correct ones and remember receipt in hand. When I got to the return and after much grief I got the manager to do the return/exchange for me Priscilla wasn't that happy the manager did it for me. Once Priscilla finished the transaction and I said thank you to her she ignored me and gave me a dirty look so I then asked her for her name as she was not wearing a badge. After she told me her name I then said thank you PRISCILLA and she still ignored me and gave me a dirty look again. If she were not pregnant I would have said something more to ask her what her problem was and why the attitude but I decided for the both of us it was best not to. I can tell you though that after this experience I will not be purchasing their store brand razors again and will go back to my Gillette razors. I will also not be transferring my scripts to their pharmacy which I was planning on doing in a month’s time; I can only imagine how the pharmacy women would treat me. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to explain what happened in detail. I will be giving my business to a company that appreciates me and I suggest you do the same.
Joe H.
March 30, 2014
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